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Hey, I'm Simon Mitchell (you can call me Si).  

Nice guy, who loves Star Wars references and repeatedly saying fuck.  Oh, and I'm the founder of Iron Paradise Fitness. 

Standard online coaching protocol is to list out a bunch of qualifications to impress you, right?

But let's face it. You don't really care.

What I wanna do is talk more about how I can help YOU! Because that's why we're both here.

I've made it my personal goal to help people just like you, achieve a stronger, leaner, and healthier body, for good. Basically, you and I are going to give fad diets and shitty workouts the middle finger.

If you ever have any questions or need some help, feel free to fill out or the form below or check out my coaching services.

And if you want the long story about me, just scroll down...

My personal story is what sets me apart from other coaches. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Having worked in the corporate environment for close to 15 years, I understand the pressures of trying to manage a busy career with getting (and staying) in shape. It's not easy. And it's because I've been there that means I can help you navigate through those challenges.

You're a busy person, with a hectic work and home life, so time is precious. Therefore, toiling away in the gym for hours doesn't suit your lifestyle on any level. And following a diet that leaves you miserable, with sub-par results just feels like a waste of time.

But it need not be that way. Because, I truly believe anyone can get in the best shape of their life, using proven, evidence-based methods that are flexible and work around YOU.

So if you have an open mind and are willing to challenge popular theory in order to look and feel great, then you've come to the right place.

Why Should I Listen To This Guy?

Great Question! And a perfectly logical one to ask.

In fact, determining who you should take advice from should be the start point for anyone about to embark on a training and nutritional programme. After all, you need to make sure the guy (or girl) you’re listening to is someone you can associate with, aspire to emulate, and ultimately holds the same principles and values as you do. So, let me tell you a bit about me.

Without wishing to sound too vain, I think I look pretty good right now, but it hasn't always been that way.

As you can see from this pic, I used to be quite a skinny guy, with some definition here and there, but very far from the physique that I truly wanted.

2014 was a turning point for me.  

Unfortunately, while out on a cycling training ride, my eagerness to push myself as hard as possible got the better of me. Carrying too much speed into a tight turn on a wet surface, I lost control of my bike and crashed. Not the end of the world I thought. I’ve crashed before. But this was different…

Unknowingly at the time, I had suffered a broken hip. While I was lying on the side of the road, wondering what exactly had gone wrong, I didn’t realise the seriousness of my injury. I proceeded to get up, tentatively throw my leg over the bike, clip in, and tried to start pedalling again. Obviously, with my leg being somewhat detached, riding was difficult, immediately resulting in me falling off again (on to the same hip). At that point I deemed it best to phone for the cavalry (Dad) and get myself home.

24 hours, 6 screws and a metal plate later, I had gone from lying on the side of the road to lying in a hospital bed.

The month that followed was hell. Going from someone who loved fitness, loved cycling, to someone that was struggling to get out of bed, or even sit in a chair, let alone push my body to its limits was like a living nightmare. I even needed help to go to the loo or put a sock on!

The Birth Of Iron Paradise Fitness

Rehab was a long slow process, but the mental strength I had from all the training in the past stood me in good stead. I would walk for 5 miles a day and work on my flexibility 3 times a day.

Sulking and feeling sorry for myself is not my style and by early December I’d decided to rekindle my passion for weightlifting and start going to the gym. I thought this would help with my recovery by making me stronger, leaner, and healthier. 

After reading and researching articles and studies on training and nutrition, I developed an approach to fitness that was 100% evidence-based. So I knew I was making the most of my efforts.

Importantly, the programme I created had to fit around my busy career and home life. As a Manager in the corporate world I was fairly time poor. So I couldn't entertain spending hours in the gym every day. And that meant ditching the routines from popular fitness magazines and actually maximising the time I had.

After 9 months of training and proper nutrition, my weight went from 73.5kg to just over 82kg. And my body fat was actually less than when I was cycling. Added to that, my strength went through the roof.

I was STRONGER AND LEANER than ever before.

Evidence Based Training And Nutrition That Works

The last fitness programme you'll ever need.

Your career is pressurised. You have deadlines to meet, presentations to complete, and a boss to please. So fitting in your training after a tiring day can feel a bit overwhelming. And the lure of the warm sofa and a Netflix box set is often greater than sweating away in the gym.

And when it comes to nutrition, those fad diets have done little for you except leave you hungry, miserable, and feeling like the foods you love have to be banished for good.

Following my own body transformation, I felt like I wanted to share all the knowledge I had gained with people that are in a similar position to where I was. And so that led to be obtaining my qualification as a Personal Trainer. But the education process didn't stop there. Because I continued to research proper training and nutrition methods via research papers and industry experts.

What I found was that popular theory on training and nutrition was based largely on gym folklore and the unproven theories of supplement companies trying to make a quick buck (at your expense).

As a consequence of my research and learning, training and nutrition with Iron Paradise Fitness is 100% evidence based. So you can rest assured I'll be providing you information that makes the most out of all the effort you put in.

My approach to training and nutrition is honest and simple at all times. There's no frills. I'm not promoting some company's supplements. And there's certainly no bullshit. Through my articles and coaching programme you'll learn the fundamentals of how to achieve your goals. And you'll gain the knowledge of how to get there without living a life of restriction and misery.

"Live a Leaner, Healthier Life, For Good".

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