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Losing fat, building muscle, and feeling comfortable in your own skin isn’t the complicated dark art you’ve been led to believe. Let me explain...

Hey, I made this awesome calorie and macro calculator to solve your biggest headache, and it might ruffle a few feathers.


Because some coaches like to hide their "secrets" of how this is done.

After all, if they showed how to do it for yourself, why the hell would you pay them? It’s self-preservation.

It makes business sense.

Call me a shit businessman, but I don’t see things the same way.

Because calories and macros are step one of a marathon. And I want you to get off to the best possible start.

So think of me as the magician who sticks two fingers up to the magic circle and shows you how they saw a lady in half!

Scroll down now, fill in your info and discover exactly how many calories you need to build that awesome AF body you dream of. It's time to kickstart your journey to a leaner, healthier life, for good.

Calorie and Macro Calculator Iron Paradise Fitness

Hey, I'm Simon Mitchell. Through my articles, podcasts, and online coaching programme, I help people build leaner, healthier, stronger bodies, for good.

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p.s. In case you didn't realise, the number underneath 'Target Calories' is the one you're interested in.

So what next?

If you're a calorie counting pro, you've got two options.

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BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): This is the number of calories your body burns if you did nothing all day. Think of BMR as your 'Couch Potato Calories'. If you sat on your butt all day and watched Netflix, you'd still burn calories. This is your BMR.

TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure): Take your BMR and factor in how active you are during the day, including all your training and this is how many calories you burn on average each day. These are your maintenance calories. Eat this amount and you'll neither lose nor gain weight.

Calorie Deficit / Surplus %: To lose weight/body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit, ie eating less than your TDEE. So use the negative percentages to do this. If your goal is to build muscle, a small surplus is optimal (though not always necessary). Therefore, select positive percentages to create an energy surplus.

Target Calories: Using all the information you've entered, this is the amount of calories you need to consume to achieve your goal.

I don't count my steps. What do I do?

How accurate is the calorie target?

Does step count include exercise?

Should I go below BMR?

What deficit/surplus should I choose?

How often should I recalculate?


PROTEIN: Protein helps you build muscle #gains💪. And it minimises hunger by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 

FAT: Fat doesn’t make you fat. In fact, it’s essential for health, so don't avoid it.

CARBS: Carbs aren’t essential, but they are the body’s preferred source of energy and a good source of fibre. So have them if you want.

How much protein do I need?

How much fat do I need for Keto?

Will protein damage my kidneys?

How do I calculate carbs?

How much fat do I need?

Are macros even that important?



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Calorie and Macro Calculator Iron Paradise Fitness

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