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Are SkinnyJab Injections A Safe Weight Loss Solution?

Are SkinnyJab Injections A Safe Weight Loss Solution?

Z-list celebrities promoting supposed weight loss wonder products is nothing new (just think back to the 'Cyanora' debacle). But are SkinnyJab injections something different? Or just another over-hyped fat loss fix?

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed your social media feed light up with talk of SkinnyJab injections, promoted by TOWIE's Gemma Collins (who I confess to have never heard of... #sorrynotsorry) and former Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona. Both ladies attribute their weight loss success to SkinnyJab injections. So why the furore? What does SkinnyJab do? Are the injections safe? And should you consider investing in them?

Time to answer those questions.

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CrossFit In Crisis? Glassman Resigns As CEO Amid Twitter Fury

CrossFit In Crisis? CEO, Greg Glassman Resigns. What Does This Mean For The Brand?

Global fitness giant, CrossFit, is reeling after a tumultuous few days following offensive tweets by CEO, Greg Glassman. And as Glassman resigns, where does that leave the brand?.

The CrossFit founder's social media posts sparked outrage, leading to crucial sponsors and affiliated gyms distancing themselves from the brand.

But what does this latest turn of events mean for the brand? Is the future of the sport and the CrossFit Games itself now at risk? With gym owners suffering financially in the wake of Coronavirus, is this another unwanted obstacle to overcome?

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