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  • Over 20 hours of training and nutrition content.
  • 14 webinars covering myriad of fitness topics.
  • Learn from some of the world's leading trainers and nutritionists.
  • Delve deep into evidence-based nutrition and achieve your goals.
  • Learn how to grow your fitness business online.


Here are just a few of the topics and guest speakers who presented at COFIT-19

Emilia Thompson PhD

  • How To Use Mindfulness And Self-Care To Manage Hunger, Appetite, And Emotional Eating.
  • Nutrition Approaches For Weight Loss During The Menstrual Cycle.

Gabrielle Fundaro PhD

  • Changing From The Inside-Out: A Complete Approach To Health, Well-Being, And Behaviour Change.

Jamie Alderton

  • Building A Successful Online PT Business & Growing Your Brand Through Social Media

The Muscle Mentors

  • Exercise Mechanics And Home Workout Modifications.
COFIT19 The Muscle Mentors

Physique Development

  • Training And Nutrition For Hypertrophy Live Q&A.
Physique Development

Dan Meredith

  • The Online Pivot: How To Survive & Thrive ONLINE Through Challenging Times.

Here's all the other COFIT talks.

Nutrition For Sport And Performance

How To Become Mentally Tough And Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Habits & Behaviour Change For Weight Management And Life After Dieting.

Nutrition For Maximum Muscle Gain.

Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies That Support A Healthy Body & Mind.

Movement, Mobility, & Muscle Gain.

Busting The Nutrition Myths Preventing You From Losing Weight, Building Muscle, And Living A Healthy Life.

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