A Quick Guide To Tracking In MyFitnessPal

Lesson 8 Module 1

Tracking in MyFitnessPal can be made super simple. In fact, you can use it to forward plan your days and weeks to take the thought process out of staying on track. Here's a few tips and reminders to help you navigate the app, more effectively.

  • Forward Planning
    • At the top to the screen you can select the date you wish to track food for. 
    • Skip forward to future dates if you want to plan a few days in advance.
  • Adding Foods
    • Click the "Add Food" button
    • Search for the food using the search bar.
      • If frequently used, it will come up immediately.
      • Use brand names to help find exactly what you want.
      • Use the bar code scanning function for quick and easy additions.
  • Save Meals
    • Once multiple foods have been added, save this as a meal if you intend to have it again in the future. It saves time.
  • Copy To And Copy From
    • Make future planning easier by copying meals you have frequently to a future date, or copy from a previous date.

Utilise these simple approaches to tracking to remove some of the headaches and frustrations from the process.