Leveraging Social Media To Grow Your Online Business With Adam Hayley

Lesson 4

Having paid his dues on the gym floor for 11 years, working with both bodybuilding and bikini athletes as well as high net worth corporate clients in the City of London, Adam knew his time could be better leveraged.

By limiting himself to the gym floor, he could only work with a certain number of clients and had reached a ceiling financially.

And so he took the plunge to go 'all in' online.

Within 12 months of launching his first online fitness business, he had turned over £255,000. Followed by his second online business growing to £30,000 months within 18 months.

The part that's unique?

He did it all organically; without a single penny spent on paid adverts or fancy funnels.

Since doing so, he's now taken multiple other coaches to double, triple and quadruple their gym floor incomes - from their laptops. Using Instagram. For free.

Here's what covered in this webinar.

  • Financial goal setting
  • How should online coaching be run?
  • Paid Vs organic growth
  • The core principle to building a business organically (do a good job, tell everyone about it)
  • Manufacturing authority on social media via consistent content production
  • How to sell; without feeling awkward
  • Don't be a fool; why you need to follow up

Instagram: @adamhayley1