Should You Go Low Carb Or Low Fat?

Lesson 4 Module 1

Some think carbs are the devil. Others will tell you fat will make you fat. Truth is, they're BOTH wrong. In reality, the ratio of carbs and fat in your diet has very little impact on your ability to make progress.

The amount of carbs and fat in your diet should be dictated largely by your food preferences. If you LOVE carbs, don't cut them out completely. This is a recipe for disaster. But if you love high fat foods and don't mind the low carb option, then do that.

Remember, that your carb and fat ratios can fluctuate day-to-day if you want. You don't need to be overly strict.

Make sure you get a minimum amount of fat in your diet (c.20% of total calories) and do want you want with the rest... As long as you stay within your calories, obviously.

If you need to, utilise the calorie calculator to get some base-level guidelines to work from.