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Lesson 1 Module 1

With so much information about nutrition all over the internet, it's hard to decipher the code and figure out what you actually need to know. And, more importantly, what's going to get results.

Over the course of the next 12 videos, you'll discover the main aspects of nutrition you need to know in order to start making progress straight away.

Don't worry, you can dive into the detail another time. For now, let's start building a foundation in the basics. Starting with the Nutrition Pyramid (everyone loves a pyramid to explain something, right?).

You're a clever person. No doubt you've caught on to the fact there's two pyramids. This is because there are some subtle differences between elements of nutrition that are important for fat and those more critical for building muscle. For example, supplements such as creatine are more important for building muscle, than some shitty fat burner that doesn't work.

I'll briefly touch on each one of these elements during the course. So make note of the priority order that's relevant to your goal. That way you can ensure you're doing the important things first.

And now... on with lesson ONE!