February 6, 2019

5 Simple Dieting Tips To End Weight Loss Misery

by ironparadisefitness

5 Simple Dieting Tips To End Weight Loss Misery

Forrest Gump famously said, “Life is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get.” But he’s wrong. Let me explain… And while I’m at it, I’ll give you 5 simple dieting tips to kickstart your fat loss journey.

So what’s Forrest Gump got to do with dieting tips? Well to answer that question, let’s look at the what Mr. Gump had to say.

Of course, I get the sentiment. Your life is a mystery. This gift you’ve been given. And who knows where it will take you?

You have the opportunity to sample new things, try new experiences, and take a bite of the metaphorical chocolate.

You might get the rancid strawberry cream. Conversely, you might strike gold and sink your teeth into some caramel and peanut deliciousness.

Although, you might like strawberry creams and have a nut allergy. One man’s fun is another’s hell as the song goes (James Hetfield 1991).

To me, a more apt chocolate metaphor would be this…

Life is like a box of chocolates… except 50% are covered in razor blades, 25% filled with shit, and the rest taste like heaven on Earth. Oh. And you’re eating them blindfolded.

And this is especially true when it comes to losing weight and trying to get in shape.


Dieting Isn’t Complicated, But It’s Hard

Now I’m no chocolate connoisseur, but I’m pretty sure you know EXACTLY what you’re gonna get in every box of chocolates.

Chocolate. Ok, there’s different flavours, shapes, and sizes. But it’s all still chocolate.

And even then it’s easy to navigate the shit ones.

Buy some Heroes or Celebrations and what’s inside is writ large all over the box. Hell, each individual chocolate has its own wrapper.

So if you’re recoiling in shock at every chocolate you grab, then you’re a little weird.

And the principle still applies to those fancy chocolates too.

You’re given a handy little card inside the box to tell you what each chocolate is and what how it’ll taste. It’s like some form of sugary, fatty version of wine tasting. So before taking a bite, you know precisely what you’re gonna get. There’s no surprise.

But that isn’t how your journey to a leaner, healthier life plays out, right?

No one gives you a handy little card to tell you exactly what to expect every step of the way. No awesome dieting tips to help you get results quickly.

In fact, more often than not it feels the polar opposite.

Think about it like this…

Fad diets are the chocolate covered razorblades. They seem to work, but they’re hard to swallow and make life a goddamn misery.

Like keto if you’re a carb lover. Or a juice diet, if you love real food and value your own sanity.

Diets and training programmes promising the Earth, but delivering nothing. Well they’re the chocolates filled with shit. Look great on the outside. But they sure as hell leave a bad taste in your mouth.

So the fitness equivalent of caramel and peanut deliciousness is the minority. Weight training, a calorie deficit, protein, and all the things that actually work.

At the moment, you’re dipping your hand in the chocolate box and only ever munching on shit and razor blades.

So now’s the time to put that right. Here’s 5 simple dieting tips to help navigate your way out of metaphorical chocolate misery?


Dieting Tips #1. Maintain A Calorie Deficit To Lose Body Fat

Dieting Tips Calorie Deficit (Iron Paradise Fitness)

If you’re trying to lose weight, shed body fat, and generally feel healthier, the principle of a calorie deficit is the only way to get there. Some will tell you different, but they’re wrong (remember the razor blade scenario).

The method you choose is achieve that principle is entirely up to you. Whether that’s through keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, veganism, or just eating less, the result will be the same.

Control the amount of calories you consume and you WILL make progress.

So combine a calorie deficit with an approach you are able to sustain and you’ll be winning.

p.s you could even plan in some REAL chocolate at the same time, which leads me on to point two.


Dieting Tips #2. Apply The 80/20 Rule For Lasting Success

Dieting Tips 80/20 Rule (Iron Paradise Fitness)

Calories are king, but that doesn’t mean nothing else matters (another Metallica reference for you). You still want to eat a wide raging, nutritious diet most of the time.

Aim for 80% of your calories to come from nutritious foods. Think fresh meat, fish, dairy, vegetables, and fruit.

The remaining 20% can be whatever you want. So if you fancy some chocolate, go for it. In fact, building a few of the more calorific treats you love into your diet is a good thing. It prevents binging and going completely off the rails when can’t handle the total restriction.


Dieting Tips #3. Lift Weights Regularly

Dieting Tips Lift Weights (Iron Paradise Fitness)

Many people shy away from weight training for fear of being “too bulky” or looking like a pro bodybuilder. But here’s the thing…

You won’t get too bulky and you won’t get too muscular. An awesome body requires muscle. Whether you call it “slender and toned” or “lean and defined”, it all means the same thing.

Trust me, you won’t turn into Arnie overnight (or ever). But you will get the body you crave, guaranteed.

And if you need some help with a training programme to get you started, you can grab a free one right here.

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Dieting Tips #4. Aim For 8–10k Steps Per Day

Dieting Tips Step Count (Iron Paradise Fitness)

The large proportion of you effort should be focused on nutrition. The old adage, “you can’t out work a bad diet” rings true.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect exercise, particularly your step count. Staying active throughout the day is hugely beneficial for your health and helps burn calories.

Aiming for c.10k steps per day is a great way to kickstart and maintain your fat loss. Try it and you’ll be amazed at the difference.


Dieting Tips #5. Eat A Diet High In Protein

Dieting Tips High Protein (Iron Paradise Fitness)

The last of your simple dieting tips is protein. Training and protein go hand in hand when it comes to building muscle. Because, you need both or nothing much will happen.

Training creates the opportunity for you to build muscle. And protein makes it happen. So aim for between 1.8–2.2g/kg of total bodyweight per day.

And if you’re someone who’s not used to eating a lot of protein right now, don’t sweat it. Gradually increase how much you eat by making smarter food choices over time.

But make it one of your priorities. Because, protein will help you feel fuller for longer, which is an added bonus when you’re dieting.


The Bottom Line

Life may not be the box of chocolates Forrest Gump described. The world of health and fitness is often confusing and made more complicated than needed. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Take action on these simple dieting tips, apply them consistently for long enough, and you’ll achieve the body you dream of.


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