July 6, 2020

Creating An Evening Routine To Kickstart Your Day And Fuel Fat Loss

by ironparadisefitness

Here’s How To Create An Evening Routine To Help You Kick Tomorrow’s Ass And Fuel Fat Loss

After a busy day at work, an evening routine is the last thing on your mind. And with an already hectic lifestyle, having another thing to think about, feels as though it’s a recipe for overwhelm.

But establishing an evening routine could save you time and reduce stress.

In this article you’ll discover a simple 5 step process for creating an effective evening routine. Implement this strategy and you’ll be ready to kick tomorrow’s butt, and smash your fitness goals. Here’s a quick summary of your brand new evening routine:

  • Plan and prepare your breakfast.
  • Pack your lunch and snacks.
  • Pack your gym bag.
  • Start Journaling.
  • Relax and unwind.

So, if you want to find out how to bring all that together in simple and stress-free way, read on.

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Your New Evening Routine: #1. Plan / Prepare Breakfast

Evening Routine Iron Paradise Fitness

Picture the scene.

You wake up, bleary-eyed and not 100% compos mentis. Every task in the first few hours of the day seems a struggle. Quickly, the minutes slip away. And what was a well-planned morning turns into a whirlwind of frantic activity.

In the ensuing melee, breakfast is a smash and grab affair. A chug of coffee, a few spoonfuls of cereal, and you’re out the door.

But this rush has left your tummy rumbling. So now you’re on the hunt for more food. And that means either grabbing something from the vending machine, or rolling the dice with whatever ‘delights’ the work canteen has to offer.

Neither of which help you stick to your fat loss plan.

So step one of your evening routine is to plan and prepare your breakfast.

Contrary to popular belief, breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. In fact, you can skip it altogether if that suits you.

But whether you’re a breakfast eater or a breakfast skipper, the important thing is to plan ahead.

If you’re eating breakfast, plan what you’re eating, the night before. And ideally, when you’re going to eat it too. You could also go to the extent of measuring out, or even pre-preparing what you’re going to have. For example, if you love oats, why not try an Overnight Oats recipe? The added benefit of this is that you can eat them at home, or take them to work if you’re short on time.

Either way, start putting thought into what breakfast looks like for you. And take some time to plan and prepare as much as possible as part of your evening routine.


Your New Evening Routine: #2. Pack Your Lunch And Snacks

Evening Routine Iron Paradise Fitness

How many times do you struggle to stay on plan because you didn’t have time to prepare lunch? Or maybe you frequently get hit with feelings of hunger and resort to vending machine snacks in the absence of a less-calorific option?

If the answer is “all too often” then step two of creating your evening routine is one you need to pay close attention to.

A fundamental principle of staying on track is leaving less things to chance. Especially, when you’re new to the process and not confident with your nutrition.

Does that mean you need to be a meal prepping maniac and prepare 65 meals in one day? Of course not. But having some structure could help.

At the very least, take time during your evening routine to plan lunch and snacks for the day. By planning ahead, you’re reducing the amount of nutrition decisions you have to make. And less decisions, means less ‘Decision Fatigue’, ie getting fed up with the dieting process and thinking “FUCK IT!”

So give yourself the best possible chance of success by thinking about taking lunch and snacks to work. Trust me, it’ll save time and stress in the long-run.


Your New Evening Routine: #3. Pack Your Gym Bag

Evening Routine Iron Paradise Fitness

If your organisational skills are nearing military precision, this might seem like a no-brainer. But if you’re a ‘last minute Larry’, this tip could make all the difference.

Forgetting your gym kit is a common problem. And it’s one that can be solved in minutes, simply by getting everything ready as part of your evening routine.

When you get home from the gym, unpack those sweat-soaked clothes and throw them in the washing machine. Then, immediately pack fresh set of gym threads, and put your bag by the front door, where you can’t forget it.

Now you have no excuse to skip your morning workout. And no more rushing around trying to find your lucky squat pants. You’re 100% ready to hit that squat PR tomorrow.


Your New Evening Routine: #4. Start Journaling

Your evening routine doesn’t have to be about planning and relaxation. It could be a time to reflect and refocus the mind. And journaling is a great way to do that.

Here’s a summary of the process I personally use each evening.

  • Write down 1-3 things you are grateful for from the last 24 hours. And be as specific as possible. Because it helps bring things to life and have meaning.
  • Write down your Top 3 most important tasks for tomorrow. These are the things you MUST do tomorrow, without fail.
  • Score yourself against any daily habits you have set. For example, did you hit your step count and calorie targets?
  • Reflect on anything that didn’t go according to plan. What happened? Why did it happen? Could you do anything to prevent it happening again?

Taking time in your evening routine to put your thoughts on paper, might help prevent them rattling around your head at night. And while not incredibly scientific, these small habit changes, could support relaxation. Ultimately, helping you achieve maximum shut-eye.


Your New Evening Routine: #5. Relax And Unwind

Evening Routine Iron Paradise Fitness

You live in a world where being ‘switched on’ 24 hours a day is a common problem. So it’s worth making sure you’re as relaxed as possible, before you hit the sack.

Whether you’re working late into the night, or surfing social media, you’re not allowing your brain to switch off. Potentially, this is negatively affecting your sleep, hunger, and appetite. All of which are important for losing weight.

But because your life is lived through technology, spending time away from phones, laptops, and the TV, feels awkward and almost alien. However, creating a specific time in your evening routine to relax and unwind could be a game-changer.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a warm bath.
  • Read a book.
  • Chat with your partner, children, or house-mate without distractions.

And if you do want to indulge in your favourite TV Box Set, schedule some time earlier in the evening to do so. Just make sure you leave yourself time to chill out.


The Bottom Line On Creating An Effective Evening Routine

Establishing a personalised, repeatable evening routine is a powerful tool in helping you achieve your fitness goals. By ensuring you a mentally and physically ready to start each day in the best possible way, your likelihood of success exponentially increases.

An evening routine might not be something you’ve given much thought. But this aspect of your lifestyle is more important than you realise to your future success.

After a long day at work, your temptation might be to crash out on the sofa for the evening. With your only movement being a few steps in the direction of the kitchen for wine and pizza. And while that’s not always a bad thing, it’s probably not the type of evening routine conducive to long-term success.

So by creating an effective evening routine you can save time, reduce stress, form good habits, and improve sleep. All of which make sticking to your plan easier than ever before.

Whether your evening routine is exactly the same as the one in this article, isn’t the point. Because the most important thing is creating a routine that works for you and you can repeat every day.

So use these 5 steps as your starting point. Adjust, tweak, and adapt them to suit your lifestyle and circumstances.

And remember, you won’t create a routine today and nail it perfectly tomorrow. It will take time to establish the habit. So keep working at it. And over time it will all become second nature.


Here’s What To Do Next If You Want More Help To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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