March 2, 2020

Fruits For Fat Loss: 6 Fruits That Could Help You Lose Weight

by ironparadisefitness

The 6 Best Fruits For Fat Loss. Read This Article To Find Out How These Fruits Could Help You Lose Weight And Feel Great

Fruits for fat loss? WTF?

This doesn’t sound evidence-based. In fact, it sounds like the biggest load of nutri-bollocks on Planet Earth.

Woah. Woah. Hold your horses. And don’t break out the lynch mob just yet. Allow me to explain.

There are no magic fat loss foods. None. Zero. Nada. Zip.

Eating one specific food won’t equal dramatic weight loss. Let’s get that clear from the outset.

If you’re looking for the one miracle food that’ll help you burn the stubborn fat from your midsection, you’re in the wrong place. But don’t drift to the exit button just yet, because this is still worth reading.

Here’s why.

A calorie deficit matters most for fat loss. That’s a fact. But it doesn’t mean you should ignore what you’re eating.

The composition of your diet can help keep you on track by managing hunger, as well as making you more healthy at the same time. So fruit could be the perfect addition to your diet plan. In this article, you’ll discover the 6 fruits that could help you achieve your fat loss goals.

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Why Is Fruit Good For Fat Loss?

Fruits For Fat Loss Iron Paradise Fitness

When it comes to fat loss, filling and nutritious foods are always a great addition to your diet.

Of course, you could eat Pop Tarts, chocolate, and ice cream and still lose weight, but this is far from optimal for health and managing your hunger. Weight loss is a simple concept, though not an easy process.

If you’ve ever been in a calorie deficit, you’ll know it can be difficult. It’s mentally tough to work against your engrained instincts and habits. Western society has evolved to the stage where high calorie, processed food is cheaper and more accessible than ever before. So the process of adhering to a calorie deficit is increasingly challenging.

After all, if it was as easy as saying, “eat less, move more”, I wouldn’t feel the need to write hundreds of articles and record hundreds of podcasts.

So yes, a calorie deficit is the starting point. But if you want to make your next fat loss effort a successful one, you’ll need to pay close attention to what you eat. And that starts with filling your diet with lower calorie, nutrient-dense foods most of the time.

Think about it this way…

100g of apple is more nutrient dense than 100g of Pick N Mix, agreed?

And the 100g of micronutrient-packed apple is likely to make you feel fuller than the sweets. Largely consisting of water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibre it highlights fruits and fat loss go together like pert butt cheeks and hip thrusts.

So does that mean you can never have Pick n Mix? No, of course not.

But you should probably pick the apple 8 or 9 times out of 10.


“I Read Fruit Sugars Make You Fat. How Can You Say Fruits Is Good For Fat Loss?”

No doubt, you’ll have heard somewhere that fruit, and more specifically the sugars they contain, are bad for fat loss.

This is a myth and you can read more about it in this article.

But it’s safe to say, you won’t get fat from eating fruit. Fat loss, or lack of it, is driven by the total number of calories you eat per day. Don’t make the process anymore complex than it needs to be.

Fruit is great for supporting fat loss and a healthy diet. Choosing more nutrient-dense, low calorie foods, such as certain fruits help in a multitude of different ways.


6 Fruits That Could Help With Fat Loss

Hopefully you can see how the concept of fruits for fat loss works. Now let’s talk about 6 fruits that fit the fat loss bill perfectly.


Watermelon is the king of low calorie, high volume fruits. Weighing it at 30 calories per 100g, it’s one of the lowest calorie fruits you’ll find.

300g is still less than 100 calories, making it easy to work into your daily diet, while helping you feel full at the same time.

Great for a mid-afternoon snack to keep you away from the chocolate and other vending machine delights.

Watermelon is a great fruit for fat loss because it is 92% water and abundant in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium, and a variety of B Vitamins. In addition to that, it contains a small amount of dietary fibre to aid digestion.



Apples are are easy, go-to snack on the move. They’re low in calories, high in fibre, and contain just 49 calories per 100g.

They have also been found to support weight loss within research.

In one study, 49 women were randomly given either three apples, three pears, or three oat cookies, all with roughly the same calorie value. They added these to their diets on a daily basis for 10 weeks. The apple group lost 2 pounds (0.91 kg), pear group 1.6 pounds (0.84 kg), while the oat group’s weight didn’t budge.

This was mainly driven by a small reduction in overall calorie intake across the day (19-25 calories) for those eating either the apples or pears. Suggesting the fruit would be a more filling option, as well as creating less drive to consume more food.

And this theory is played out when you look at the satiety index. Where an apple is almost three times as filling as a chocolate bar.



Fruits For Fat Loss Strawberries Iron Paradise Fitness

Strawberries are also another low calorie king, with around 32 calories per 100g. As with watermelon, the low calorie content is largely driven by their high water content, which is around 91%.

They’re also relatively low in carbohydrate, with 26% of those carbohydrates coming in the form of dietary fibre.

And don’t forget those micronutrients. Strawberries are packed to the rafters with Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin B9, and Potassium. They are also rich in antioxidants.

WTF is an antioxidant? Good question.

Antioxidant is a term often banded around and taken to mean something positive, but you might not know what it means. Antioxidants can help protect against free radicals, which can damage cells in the body and contribute to the ageing process, and potentially some forms of cancer.

So antioxidants could help you look more youthful. What better reason to include fruit in your diet?



Fruits For Fat Loss Blueberries Iron Paradise Fitness

Blueberries are frequently given the label of “superfood”. But why? What’s so special about these blue orbs of juicy goodness?

Their low calorie (34 calories per 100g) and high-nutrient nature make them a great addition to the list of fruits for fat loss. At 85% water, it’s easy to have relatively high quantities, without making a significant dent in your daily calorie intake.

Added to that, they’re full of micronutrients and considered the antioxidant king. With links to potential improvements in heart health, brain function, and the reduction of muscle damage (although more research is required on the latter).



“Movin’ to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches.”

A lyric from one of the worst songs ever to grace music. But don’t let that put you off adding this wonderful fruit to your diet. These buttock-like fruits have a lot of benefits.

At 39 calories per 100g, they’re low calorie, meaning you can have them in greater quantities than many other foods. Which is good for keeping hunger and cravings at bay.

They also have a long list on micronutrients, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Niacin, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Copper, and Manganese.

The fresher and riper the peaches you buy, the more precious antioxidants they contain too. And if you have the choice, opt for fresh over canned. Although, the micronutrient content is likely to be the same, canned versions may have less antioxidant properties.

And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Peaches contain dietary flavenoids, which have been shown to have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease. And, they may also have a potential benefit in reducing certain allergy symptoms.

Another not-so-commonly known fact is that eating peaches helps with glute development. So maybe you should move to the country and eat a lot of peaches, if you want a pert set of butt cheeks.

(p.s. I made that last fact up… #sorrynotsorry).



Fruits For Fat Loss Raspberries Iron Paradise Fitness

Last on the fruits for fat loss list we have raspberries. They might be a weird, bobbly, hairy, and downright ugly fruit, but they’re here to help.

Clocking in at 52 calories per 100g, they’re the highest calorie fruit in the list. But in relative terms, they are still a very low calorie option.

Plus, they’re high in fibre and abundant in micronutrients. Namely, Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin K, Vitamin, E, Vitamin B, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Copper.

And they pack those all important antioxidants too (although, not quite to the heights of the Blueberry King). Raspberries have about 1/4 of the antioxidants of their blue brethren.


The Bottom Line On The Best Fruits For Fat Loss

Adding fruit to your diet is beneficial for both fat loss and health. Low calorie, nutrient dense options provide the opportunity for consumption in high quantities to help satisfy hunger, while keeping overall calorie intake low.

Despite what the internet may tell you, fruit is great. And the perfect addition to your diet for a number of reasons.

Often low in calorie, you can benefit from feeling fuller for longer, ensuring you maintain your calorie deficit for the long-term, without living in abject misery.

You could put these fruits in a smoothie or shake, but be mindful that eating the fruit in solid form is likely to have a more filling effect. So if hunger is your issue, reach for the solid fruit, not the smoothie maker.

From a health point of view, fruit is abundant in micronutrients and antioxidants, all of which help you achieve the goal of living a healthier life. As you can see from the fruits in this list, micronutrient content varies between fruit varieties. So it’s important to vary your choices to get the vitamins and minerals you need.

Overall, fruit and fat loss go together. Fruit and health go together. So make fruit a staple part of your diet on a daily basis and reap the benefits.


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