October 12, 2020

Does Glutamine Build Muscle And Speed Up Recovery?

by ironparadisefitness

Is Glutamine a muscle-building wonder supplement and your secret weapon of recovery? Or another case of overhyped BS?

Building muscle is hard. So hearing that glutamine could help speed up the process, understandably peaks your interest.

But is glutamine really the supplement you’ve been looking for? The Holy Grail of Gains? The Sasquatch of Size?

It’s time to put the hype to the test. Because you’ve been down this road before. Trying every pill, powder, and potion available, without success.

And despite each one delivering nothing but a hole in your wallet, you live in hope.

So read this article before your next supplement order. Because before you click ‘Add To Cart’ on glutamine, you should know the facts.

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What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine Building Muscle Iron Paradise Fitness

Glutamine is one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids found in proteins.

Classified as a non-essential amino acid, glutamine is synthesised by the body on its own. It’s produced in muscles and distributed around the body by blood, to organs.

“So if the body produces glutamine by itself, why is the need for supplementation up for debate?” Good question.

Glutamine is sometimes considered ‘conditionally-essential’. This is fancy talk for a supply and demand issue. Sometimes the need for glutamine outstrips the rate at which it’s produced. And that spells bad news.

In order to satisfy demand, your body breaks down muscle to create more glutamine.

“Holy FUCK! What about the gains?”

But wait! Don’t rush to place that supplement order. The plot is about to thicken.


Is A Glutamine Deficiency Bad For Gains?

Glutamine Building Muscle Iron Paradise Fitness

A glutamine deficiency sounds bad. Cannibalisation of your biceps and butt cheeks is your worst nightmare. But don’t hit the panic button.

This typically only occurs with severe medical conditions.

Glutamine supplementation has shown to benefit burn victims, HIV/AIDS patients, and those with other critical illnesses. Although, even this research is inconclusive.

Nevertheless, your DOMs don’t qualify as a severe medical condition. Despite how brutal you think leg day is.

In summary, there may be validity in glutamine supplementation. But, as one study concluded, there needs to be more extensive research.


What Does The Research Say About Glutamine And Building Muscle?

Glutamine Building Muscle Iron Paradise Fitness

Is that the end of the debate? Is glutamine pointless for building muscle?

The short answer is YES. Because the evidence simply isn’t there to support the claims.

Here’s a brief summary of research into glutamine’s effects of strength, body composition, and recovery.

Glutamine Doesn’t Help Increase Strength

A study in 2017 took 6 resistance-trained men and assessed how glutamine influenced strength. Following supplementation, participants performed 2 sets of squats (200% of bodyweight) and 2 sets of bench press (100% of bodyweight).

The data concluded that there was no improvements in strength with glutamine supplementation.

Glutamine Doesn’t Help Body Composition

Another study from 2001 also found a similar lack of efficacy in relation to body composition. “Glutamine supplementation during resistance training has no significant effect on muscle performance, body composition or muscle protein degradation in young healthy adults.”

Glutamine Doesn’t Help Recovery

Ok. But what about recovery?

A study in 2006 concluded that additional glutamine supplementation had no effect on muscle glycogen re-synthesis and muscle protein synthesis, when added to a meal containing carbohydrates and essential amino acids.

So as you can see, it’s not looking good for the Glutamine Gain Train.


The Bottom Line On Glutamine

Like most supplements, glutamine is no silver bullet. So throw it on the supplement scrap heap and focus your attention elsewhere.

When it comes to fat loss and building muscle, glutamine supplementation is not necessary.

A high protein diet should provide all the glutamine you need. In fact, you’re probably getting more than enough already. Foods such as meat, dairy, fish, and certain vegetables are all rich in glutamine.

So don’t waste your money on another pointless supplement. Delete it from your shopping cart and move along.

What are your thoughts on glutamine? Has this article changed your views? Will you buy it regardless? Let me know in the comments below.


Here’s The Next Step In Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness

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