Canva Content Mastery

5 Chapters 39 Lessons


Discover the simple strategies you can use to slash your content-creation time, boost your social media, and grow your fitness business. And you don't need any design skills or an ounce of creativity.

Here's What's In Store


Canva Foundations 11 Lessons

What You Need To Get Started On Canva

This is square one--the basics. Before you learn the advanced skills and techniques, you need to know the fundamentals. So let's start here.

Discovering The World Of Canva Apps That You Never Knew Existed

Canva apps are a set of integrations that are your secret hack to professional-looking content and high-quality images for your website. But ssshhh, don't tell anyone.

Canva 101: The Basic Functions You Need To Know

Building on lesson one, we start to look at more of the basic functions in Canva. Don't skip this lesson. Knowing these functions inside-out will help you become a Canva Ninja.

Organising Your Canva Account For Maximum Efficiency

Ever spent an inordinate amount of time scrolling and searching for the perfect graphic you remember creating 6 months ago? Well, that's a thing of the past when you organise your account correctly.

Uploading Images To Canva

It might seem like a simple thing (and it is), but there's is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Canva Jedis (like you) do it the right way--this way.

Set Up Your Brand To Save Yourself Tons Of Time

It's tempting to leap into making pretty graphics but hold on my young Padawan. If we set up your brand, you'll save tons of time in the future. So let's do that, eh?

Sizing Your Posts To Make Them Unskippable

The social media game is about grabbing people's attention. So here's a sneaky trick to help your posts fill your client's feed, making your posts unskippable.

Customising Canva Templates As A Fast-Track To Professional Graphics

Canva has thousands of templates at your disposal, all of which you can customise. Basically, someone has done all the hard work and now you're going to benefit from it, for free!

Labelling And Downloading Your Files For Efficiency

If you don't want to end up tearing your hair out in frustration when you can't find that awesome piece of content you made 6 months ago, follow this simple process.

An Introduction To Scheduling Your Content

Canva has a neat feature that allows you to schedule your social media posts as you create them. This helps keep all your content-related work in one place. Here's how it works.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Content Design

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. In this lesson, you'll learn the dos and don'ts of content design. This is the difference between professional-looking content and a 5-year old's doodle.


Canva Skill School 9 Lessons

Searching For The Icons You’ll Use Every Day

Icons and stickers are a great way to make your content engaging and unique. But finding the right ones can be challenging. Here's how to find the most common ones you'll use.

How To Remove Image Backgrounds With One Click

Removing the backgrounds of photos is a pain in the ass. Thankfully, Canva offers a one-click solution that makes it a breeze. Here's how it's done.

Add A Glow To Your Images To Make Them Pop

Sometimes, your images can look lifeless and flat. Adding a glow behind them changes all that. Here's a simple hack that allows you to create this effect in seconds.

Creating A Stand-Out Profile Pic And Icons For Your Website

An eye-catching, professional profile picture helps you stand out from the crowd on Instagram. Here's a simple technique to help you do it right. And there's a bonus tip on creating icons for your website.

Try This Text Trick To Stop Potential Clients In Their Tracks

Too many posts look the same, and that makes it easy for great content to get lost in the crowd. Use this simple text trick to make your next post stand out like a giraffe among zebras.

Advertise Your Products And Services Like A Pro

Ever wondered how to get images of your products and services looking like they're on a mobile, tablet, or laptop? Frames are the answer. All is explained in this lesson.

Creating Branded Presentations To Woo And Wow

If you do any form of public speaking, webinars, or online courses, having a professional presentation design is crucial. Here's how to make a professional slide template to fit your branding.

Blow Your New Clients Away With Your Onboarding Process

So you've got a new client, now what? Well, the first thing you want to do is blow them away from minute one. Use this onboarding idea to give your new customer a true wow factor.

How To Create Visually Stunning eBooks

If you want to make digital products that people want to buy, you need to make them look good (the content has to be great too). Here's an easy way to create stunning eBooks for your products and services.


Creating Eye-Catching, Attention-Grabbing Content 9 Lessons

How To Create Your First Eye-Catching Infographic

Infographics are a staple of the online FitPro, but most designs look amateur and lack any semblance of appeal. Here's a lesson on how to create infographics that help you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Creating Big, Bold Video Backgrounds

You might spend hours filming, editing, and creating a great piece of video content, but if you don't have a bold, stand-out background it could all be wasted effort. Here's how to create a simple, effective template.

Adding Pictures And Graphics To Your Videos

Using Canva's elements tool is a great way to make your videos more watchable, especially in a world where most people watch videos in silence. Here's everything you need to know.

Quote Post Templates

Part of the FitPro job spec is to be a part-time philosopher. This video shows you how to create quote post templates that have your audience scrambling for the like, save, and share buttons when profundity strikes.

Tell Engaging Stories With Carousels

Carousels are great for engagement. Done in the right way, your potential customers spend more time absorbing your content, which boosts your reach and makes the social media algorithm your friend.

Create Seamless Carousels That Make People Think, "How Did They Do That?"

Seamless carousels are the most professional-looking pieces of content you can create for Instagram. They are engaging and enable you to provide tons of value and info. Plus, they look badass!

YouTube Thumbnail Designs That Make Your Audience Press Play

YouTube remains a great place to post fitness content. The difficulty is enticing people to press play on your video. A big part of achieving that goal is a stand-out thumbnail. Here's how to do create your own.

Developing Instagram Story Templates And IGTV Covers

Instagram stories, IGTV, and Reels are great tools for boosting your social media reach. And having professional-looking covers and templates helps your brand get noticed within the melee.

Create Stunning Comparison Posts To Showcase Your Jaw-Dropping Transformations

Transformation pictures are a great tool to demonstrate your ability to get results. So it's important to use a template that does your work justice. This lesson teaches you the tips and tricks you need.


Advanced Social Media Skills 8 Lessons

Adding Quotes And Text To Your Photos For That Professional Touch

Adding text and quotes to your pictures is a great way to engage with your audience. They get to see you and understand more about your beliefs and values in one post. Here are my top tips.

Create Instagram Bingo Templates To Boost Social Media Engagement

Challenges are fantastic ways to grow the reach of your online brand. Using a professional-looking template that challengers can easily add to their stories helps increase the virality of your event.

Using Canva’s Video Templates For Instagram Stories

If you want to take your Instagram stories to a new level of professionalism, it's worth taking advantage of Canva's video templates, specifically designed for the medium. Here's a whistle-stop of how they work.

Using Video Templates For Your Main Feed

Videos are an amazing engagement tool to use on social media, but they have to be good. Poor-quality videos won't cut it. But you don't need to be Spielberg; you just need to watch this video

How To Create Comparison Posts Like ‘The Fitness Chef’

Comparison posts are a great way to provide value to your audience. They're visual, eye-catching, and when done in the right way, can be understood in seconds. Perfect for teaching your potential clients new information.

Using A Carousel To Turn Cold Leads Into Paying Clients

Leads are hard to come by, so having a process that helps turn cold traffic into red-hot leads will make a huge difference to your business. In this lesson, you'll discover a simple technique to transform your audience engagement.

The Seamless Carousel Masterclass

By now you've realised that seamless carousels are cool AF. So here's a full-length masterclass of how to create one. It's the full process from start to finish, so why not make one with me?

Use This Video Technique To Promote Your Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are a great way to promote your business and quickly turn cold traffic into paying clients. But if you find it hard to get people signed up, try this technique when you promote the next one.


The Template Library 2 Lessons

Grab Your Canva Templates Here And Save Heaps Of Time

If you want to skip to making content, here are ready-made template you can customise. Give your social media the professional touch in minutes. Just make sure you WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST!

Steal My Content Cataloguing System

Cataloguing your awesome new content is crucial for efficient marketing. Here's my complete content cataloguing system to help run your business more efficiently.