COFIT-19 Recordings

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The importance of mobility and movement for optimal health and building muscle is often overlooked. In this talk, you'll discover why mobility and ownership of movement is so important as well as how to build it into daily life.

Questions covered in this talk:

  • What limitations and issues can poor mobility cause?
  • Many people often cite time as an issue for not being able to workout. How can people incorporate mobility into their daily lives without it feeling like "yet another thing" to try and make time for?
  • How important is mobility for making gains in the gym?
  • How frequently should people follow a specific mobility routine?
  • How should someone with the mobility of a concrete block start improving their mobility?

Plus, additional live Q&A.

Guest Speakers:

Florence Seabright: 🌍   📸 @floseabright

Ross Gilmour:  🌍   📸  @coachrossgilmour

Nick Whiteman:   🌍   📸 @coach.big.nick

Here's What's In Store

7 Lessons

COFIT-19: Day 1

Here's Day 1 of COFIT-19. Covering everything from mobility, to weight loss, social media growth, mindset, and more.

Movement, Mobility, & Muscle Gain

The importance of mobility and movement for optimal health and building muscle is often overlooked. In this talk, you'll discover why mobility and ownership of movement is so important as well as how to build it into daily life.

Understanding The Reality Of Coronavirus From A GP’s Perspective

With so many myths about COVID-19 filling your news feed, it's important to get an understanding of the real truth. Dr Mike Banna, a NHS GP in the UK will be on hand to bust myths and give you an honest view of the challenges we currently face.

Sustainable Weight Loss Strategies That Support A Healthy Body & Mind

If your goal is weight loss, it's vitally important you understand how to approach the process in a sustainable way. Failure to do so could result in yo-yo dieting and developing a poor relationship with food. Here you'll learn how to do it the right way.

Building A Successful Online PT Business & Growing Your Brand Through Social Media

If you're a coach and trainer looking to build your business online, this is one you can't afford to miss. Now's the time to learn from one of the best coaches around and start making a step change in your business.

Hypertrophy Q&A

If you want to build muscle, then this is the Q&A for you. The Physique Development team will be answering all of your hypertrophy related questions. Whether you want to know more about training or nutrition for muscle growth, now's the time to ask.

Changing From The Inside-Out: A Complete Approach To Health, Well-Being, And Behaviour Change

Making positive changes to your health and well-being is about more than calories and lifting weights. In this talk you'll be guided through how you need to start thinking of a more holistic approach that helps you change from the inside-out.

Nutriton For Maximum Muscle Gain

If you want to know how to build muscle in the most efficient way possible, discover the proven, evidence-based approaches that will maximise your efforts in the gym.

8 Lessons

COFIT-19: Day 2

Here's Day 2 of COFIT-19. Covering everything from weight loss and the menstrual cycle, to exercise mechanics, mindfulness, and even performance nutrition.

Nutrition Approaches For Weight Loss During The Menstrual Cycle

Losing weight while dealing with the challenges of the menstrual cycle can be tough for many women. And finding the right strategy can be confusing. So if you're not sure where to start, this talk will help you find a path through the frustration.

The Online Pivot: How To Survive & Thrive Online Through Challenging Times

Business coach and entrepreneur, Dan Meredith has helped business owners build successful businesses through some of the most challenging times. So if you're a coach or trainer struggling right now, let Dan show you how to set yourself up for success.

Busting The Nutrition Myths Preventing You From Losing Weight, Building Muscle, And Living A Healthy Life

Now's the time to cut through the BS and bust some nutrition myths out of the water. If you find the world of nutrition complex and confusing, you'll get the clarity you need as evidence-based nutritionist give you the REAL truth.

Nutrition For Performance Sports

If you're a competitive athlete, with an avid interest in sport, your approach to nutrition might need to be quite different to that of the average person. Discover the evidence-based nutrition approaches that will make a difference to your performance.

Exercise Mechanics And Home Workout Modifications

The entire Muscle Mentors team are here to help turn your home gym into a Den of Gains. Join this live Q&A to understand more about exercise mechanics and home to modify your home workouts to be truly effective.

How To Use Mindfulness And Self-Care To Manage Hunger, Appetite, And Emotional Eating

Dealing with emotional eating, self-sabotage, and general overeating tendencies can be hugely challenging. In this discussion, you'll discover practical strategies and solutions for overcoming these obstacles. Not one to be missed.

How To Become Mentally Tough And Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Do you ever struggle with mental toughness and the ability to see your goals through? Don't worry, as Michael Jackson once sang, you are not alone. In this round-table discussion, you'll learn how to develop that strong mindset you've been missing.

Habits & Behaviour Change For Weight Management And Life After Dieting

Starting with the end in mind is hugely important for successful weight loss and maintaining your results. And habits and behaviour change is a way in which you can achieve true lifestyle change.