Lean Life Method

Guided Goal Setting For Success

1 Module 6 Lessons


Goal setting is fundamental for success. This course is a guided walkthrough of how to set realistic, meaningful, impactful goals, and the foundations of how to achieve them. The Lean Life starts here.

Here's What's In Store

6 Lessons

Guided Goal Setting

Guided Goal Setting takes you through a structured process of defining what your health and fitness goals are, how you're going achieve them, and more importantly, why you want to achieve them. This is an important part of the Lean Life Method that will set you up for success.

Quality Goals Equal Quality Results

Time and effort invested in structured goal setting will help give you the mindset and focus for success. In this lesson, you'll discover the basis of all great goals.

Defining Your Future Vision

Defining who you are now and who you want to be, makes bridging the gap between the two, more tangible. In this lesson, begin creating your future vision.

Identifying The Person You Want To Be

Self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs can stop progress dead in its tracks. In this lesson, I'll guide you through the first steps of identity change, so you can start believing positive change is possible.

Assessing Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Risks, And Roadblocks

Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, risks, and roadblocks helps define a clear plan of action. In this lesson, you'll map out the good things you need to keep doing, as well as the habits and behaviours you need to change.

Setting Your Input And Output Goals

Often, when it comes to goal setting, people only focus on the final result. And that can lead to a lack of motivation in the future. In this lesson, you'll discover the art of defining both input and output goals.

Share Your Detailed Goals With The World

With your detailed goals in place, now's the time to share them with me and the rest of the world.