Building Sustainable Habits

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Tracking in MyFitnessPal will help you make a connection between the food choices you make and the calories they contain.

Becoming more aware of the calories in different foods will enable you to manage your nutrition more effectively in the future.

This is the first step to becoming confident and in control of nutrition. Weighing food and tracking what you eat may feel onerous, but think of this in a more positive way.

You are learning the skills to enable you to maintain a leaner, healthier life, for good. Tracking is not something you will do forever. It's a tool at your disposal when you need it.


  • Track what you eat in MyFitnessPal for the next 7 days and aim to adhere to your calorie target.
  • After 3 days, take 10 minutes to reflect on what you feel has gone well and what you have learned.
  • Did anything surprise you about the calorie content of your food?
  • Is there anything that you could change to improve your nutrition?

Here's What's In Store

12 Lessons

12 Week Foundational Habits Course

This foundational habit course enables you to take control of your nutrition, develop a positive relationship with food, and teach you how to maintain your amazing results without the need for calorie tracking.


Each module has a short video explaining the habit and the supporting task you need to complete


Each task should take one week to complete (one lesson takes 2 weeks). DON'T be tempted to skip ahead. It's important you take the time to apply each habit and embed it in your day-to-day life. It's not about completing the course as fast as possible.

Becoming Calorie Aware

It's time to open your eyes to the calorie content of the foods you eat and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Mastering Calorie Management

Here's how to manage your calories across the week so you can enjoy social events without anxiety or guilt.

Daily Gratitude And Reflection

Maintaining motivation and keeping focused each day can be hard. And that's why the process of gratitude and reflection can REALLY help.

Alcohol Reduction

You can enjoy a drink and still live a healthy life and achieve all your goals. In this lesson you'll discover how to manage alcohol within your diet, successfully.

Remove Liquid Calories

Reducing the number of calories from liquids in your diet can have a big impact on hunger and successfully managing your nutrition. Find out how in this lesson.

Reduce Processed Foods

Processed foods are highly palatable and easy to overeat. That doesn't man they're off limits. With the right approach, you can incorporate the foods you love in your diet, successfully.

Increasing Protein Quantity And Frequency

A high protein diet is beneficial for many reasons. And increasing the frequency throughout the day will help build muscle and create the lean, well-defined body you want.

Improving The Quality Of Your Diet

A diet high in nutrients will improve your health and well-being, as well as feelings of fullness. A crucial component of achieving sustainable results.

Reducing Food Variety

In this lesson you'll discover how too much variety in your diet can affect cravings and the ease with which you can manage your nutrition.

Developing Your Sleep Routine

Sleep is often an afterthought in your busy life, but it has a huge impact on all aspects of health. In this lesson you're going to create your optimal sleep routine.

Focusing On Fibre And Gut Health

Most people don't get enough fibre in their diet to support optimal digestion. In this lesson you'll make sure that isn't you.

Taking Control Of Your Food Environment

Managing your food environment is a great tool for reducing hunger and cravings. Controlling food cues in your immediate surroundings helps eliminate over-indulgences.