Transitioning Away From Tracking

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This is a 2 week lesson.

Maintaining the results you've achieved requires a long-term mindset. Fluctuations in your scale weight will be more common and should not be of concern from week to week.

The key is to make a mental commitment to not worry about these regular changes. If not weighing yourself at all helps, then that is a valid option.

Overall, be more relaxed about your weight and operate by "look and feel".


  • Set a 2-3kg upper weight range, above maintenance.
  • Monitor your average weight across the week (do not react to daily fluctuations).
  • If you are above the 2-3kg for more than 2 consecutive weeks, consider a small calorie modification.
  • Use your foundation skills to make logical calorie reductions.

Allowing yourself a broad weight range to fluctuate in allows a more relaxed approach to your nutrition, while still empowering you with complete control. Thinking long-term is the key.

Here's What's In Store

9 Lessons

Lean Life Transition

The Lean Life Transition guides you through a structured process of moving away from calorie tracking to a more sustainable, long-term approach to managing your nutrition. Completing the course will remove the anxiety and doubt about leaving tracking methods behind.

Creating The Maintenance Mindset

The mindset for maintaining results is different to the mindset it took to achieve them. In this lesson, you'll discover how to start thinking more long-term.

Adopting A Mindful Eating Approach

In this lesson you'll discover how mindful eating practices can help you reconnect with internal hunger cues and avoid cycles of binging and over-eating.

Stop Tracking Fruit And Vegetables

This lesson is the starting point of systematically transitioning away from calorie tracking. Fruit and vegetables are typically lower in calorie and a great place to start.

Stop Tracking Carb & Fat Ratios

Stage 2 of the transition process focuses on carbs and fat, logically providing you with less to think about, while still exercising control over your nutrition.

Stop Tracking One Main Meal

Stage 3 of the transition, starts the process of removing main meals from your calorie tracking routine. Utilising the habits you've built will make this easier than you think.

Stop Tracking Two Main Meals

This is the penultimate lesson before spreading your wings and adopting a completely non-tracking approach to the management of your nutrition. 

Creating Your Lean Life Toolbox

There are lots of methods available to you that will help you to manage your nutrition without tracking. This lesson is about understanding which methods are right for you.

When Is Tracking Useful?

Even in a maintenance phase, calorie tracking can still be a useful tool in certain situations. In this lesson you'll discover the methods at your disposal and when to use them.

It’s Time To Live The Lean Life

With your transition to a Lean Lifer complete, it's time to apply the skills and habits you've learned and live a leaner, healthier life, for good.