December 21, 2016

Motivation and the 14 Hour Grind

by ironparadisefitness

It’s been a crazy last few days.  I literally don’t know what time of day, or even day of the week it is most of the time.  My phone battery is pretty much worn out by lunch time with me continually checking the time and date to get my brain back on track.  

Honestly, I thought it was Saturday today!

It would be nice to say that I’ve been spending that time being rushed off my feet with all things Christmas related, but that’s not a luxury I’ve afforded myself this year.  Sunday still seems like a million miles away for me right now.

So, what’s been occupying my time?

Well, the world of Iron Paradise has mainly been focused on training / nutrition research and clients programmes.  I thought it would be good to use this little bit of a quiet period over the holidays to really knuckle down and plough through some extra work and get ahead of the game before 2017 comes around like a freight train.

Motivation to keep going on this work grind is coming thick and fast at the moment.

The one thing that always keeps my passion high is the feedback I get from clients when I hear about their progress.

I can honestly say that if my bank would accept my clients’ positive feedback to pay the mortgage then I’d happily do this all for free.  It might sound cliche and a bit corny, but it’s definitely true.

Nothing lifts your spirits and brightens your day than an email landing in your inbox from someone that talks about how you’ve changed not only their physical appearance, but also their self-confidence and overall happiness.

Two new clients started working with me a couple of weeks ago and I got this note back yesterday,

” …just want to say a big thanks for your help and advice, its the best money and the best value for money I’ve spent on heath and fitness for a very long time.”

Thanks Will!

And I got this one a couple of days before.

“The difference mirror wise is remarkable and I just had a panic when my expensive suit I will be wearing for the wedding tomorrow now looks too big on me!


Your plan is spot on…  I have kept records of my weight on weekly basis since 2006 and this will be the first Christmas where I will be going into the festive season under 15 stone so big thanks and it will be a great platform for the attack on the next stone of fat!”

Thanks Martin!

Whilst I can write a meal plan and a training plan that I know will deliver great results, it still has to be executed and put into practice consistently.  And that’s what both of these guys are doing right now.  They’re consistently smashing their training and diet right now, which is fantastic.

They’re both heading into 2017 in a great position to do even greater things in 2017.

But the most satisfying aspect for me, is that they’re doing it while having a life!  All too often people are led to believe that you can’t achieve fat loss or gain muscle without sacrificing your soul to steam veg and plain chicken.

Worse still you might try the cabbage soup diet, which I remember my brother trying when we were younger.  He may have lost some weight but I think he blew a new hole in the ozone layer with the toxic fumes coming out of his backside!

Martin and Will’s plans are so far from this type of diet.  Martin’s still got the cashew nuts and red wine he so loves.  And Will still enjoys that well earned bit of chocolate everyday.

Their plans incorporate the foods they actually enjoy, which is a novelty for a lot of plans I see being created out there, but it’s all possible.  Taking the time to personalise the plan pays dividends in the end.  The likelihood of sticking to the plan is much greater, which in turn means that results come quicker and are usually far greater than expectations.

At the end of the day, personalisation makes both client and coach happy.

So as I put a wrap on this 14 hour day and look forward with dread to that 5am wake up call, I’ll be going to bed feeling like Santa came early this year.

Thanks again Martin & Will!

Happy training everyone…


Now’s the time to make your start on that body transformation.

Martin and Will made the positive decision to take control of their fitness goals and put the wheels in motion to make sure their goals become a reality and don’t just remain as distant goals.

I’d love for you to be the next person sending me that email telling me about the great progress you’ve been making and how you feel great.

Imagine yourself in that position, 12 weeks from now you’re staring back at those before pictures wondering who the hell that is, because it sure isn’t the same person that’s looking back at you in the mirror every morning.

With the New Year just around the corner you might be turning your attention to dreaming up a New Year’s Resolution.  For a lot of people this is about losing weight or getting fitter.  And that might be the same for you.

If that is your goal, it’s great that you’ve set your sights on something, but do you know how to get there?  Do you have a plan you KNOW will get you there?  Probably not.

Fast forward a month and you’ve ditched your resolution through frustration and a lack of progress, which probably means you’ve tossed the ‘get ripped’ plan in the bin and are now back on the perma-bulk.

Or maybe you’re contemplating hitting the gym for the first time in a while in January.  Make sure you’re not the one that doesn’t actually let their gym membership card see the light of day for 12 months, until it’s time to cancel.

Take a positive step forward.  Take control of your goals and make them a reality.

Click here for all the information on what a training / meal programme from me can do for you.

And if you want to talk to me directly about your goals, click here to register for a 1:1 consultation.  It’s all FREE and no obligation.  Just an opportunity to see if you and I are a match as coach and client.


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