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Welcome to the team

Your journey to the Lean Life starts here

In order to get you up and running, I need you to do a little work. Don't worry, it's super-simple and won't take long. Just follow the instructions below and you'll be all set. And if you have any questions, just send me an email (

Before Pics

Say cheese!

Do not move onto the next step without these. They are needed when completing completing your questionnaire, so do them first! 


Big brother is watching

Next up, create a MyFitnessPal account (if you don't have one already). Having access to your food diary helps me learn more about your nutrition habits.

Food Diary

What are you eating?

To start off, I want you give me access to your food diary to track 3 days of food in MyFitnessPal (no hiding those chocolate bars, be honest). Here's how to give me access:

Step 1) More > Settings > Sharing & Privacy > Diary Sharing > Friends Only

Step 2) More > Friends > + > Email or MFP Username: ironparadisefit > Send Invite


Where are you heading?

Arguably, this is THE most important part of the process. Click the button below to complete the goal setting course in the Lean Life Uni.


Feel the love

Click the link below to request access to the Facebook group. Once I've accepted the request, I'll ask you to record a short, 60 second video to introduce yourself to the group.


Tell me everything

And here's where I get to know everything about you. Click the button below to complete the on-boarding questionnaire.

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