June 8, 2020

Top 20 Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Accounts

by ironparadisefitness

20 Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Accounts You Can Rely On For The No-BS Truth

No matter who you are, Instagram is likely to be your first port of call when it comes to nutrition information. But how do you tell who’s giving you facts and who’s pushing fads and fuckery? Luckily for you, here’s 20 Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram accounts you can follow for knowledge bombs you can rely on.

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The Best 20 Nutrition Instagram Accounts

Undoubtedly, nutrition is the one aspect of fitness you find the most confusing.

Every day it seems there’s a new diet, supplement, or way of eating that promises to be the miracle you’ve been waiting for. Sadly, these things don’t exist. But that doesn’t stop any Insta-model with abs, glutes, and a discount code, posting about them.

So, to help you cut through the confusion, here are the Top 20 nutrition accounts on Instagram (in no particular order) you should be following.


1. Martin MacDonald (@martinnutrition)

Martin Macdonald

The Godfather of evidence-based nutrition, founder on MacNutrition Uni (MNU), and “King Of The Call-Out”.

MNU has rapidly become the industry-leading evidence-based nutrition course. And for good reason. Martin MacDonald has been at the forefront of evidence-based nutrition long before it was even a thing. And he’s been naming and shaming scam-artists for equally as long.

Martin’s instagram is solid gold when it comes to providing you with an unbiased view of current research. Although, be warned, this isn’t for delicate snowflakes. He pulls no punches and throws in a touch of dark humour along the way.

P.S. Make sure you check out his Instagram stories too. Comedy genius.


2. Iron Paradise Fitness (@iron_paradise_fitness)

Ok, so this shameless self-promotion. But the whole point of starting Iron Paradise Fitness was to bring you simple, honest, evidence-based information. Using a few curse words, and infographics, my goal has always been to make nutrition accessible, not confusing and overwhelming.

And, I think I achieve that pretty well. But I’ll let you be the judge.


3. Ben Carpenter (@bdccarpenter)

Enter ‘The Awkward Turtle’ (his own description). If you want a detailed, yet simple, breakdown of scientific research, this is the nutrition account you’ve been scouring Instagram for.

Not only is Ben one of the nicest humans on Earth, he creates some of the most helpful nutrition posts on social media. If you are not following him, then you are missing out. As he says himself, “Come for the fitness, stay for the bants.”


4. Spencer Nadolsky (@drnadolsky)

The Doc who lifts and fitness meme extraordinaire. If you’re sick of boring-ass nutrition posts, then Dr Nadolsky has the cure.

Follow him for a high dose of humour via the best fitness memes you’ll find on the ‘gram. And be sure to read the captions, so you can crank your nutrition knowledge up a few notches.


5. Emilia Thompson (@emiliathompsonphd)

Nutrition is not only about what you eat (obviously that IS important). The relationship you create with yourself and with food, is equally, if not more important. After all, this is what will define your long-term health and happiness.

And this is where Emilia steps in. Focusing on mindfulness, gratitude, and self-care, Emilia’s Instagram account will positively challenge your well-established beliefs.

In her own raw, honest way, Emilia provides a source of inspiration well-worth your follow.

And if you want an insight into Emilia’s views on mindfulness and gratitude, check out this episode of the podcast.



6. Layne Norton (@biolayne)

When it comes to fitness accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Layne Norton. After all, he’s been ruffling feathers of zealots and bashing bro-science for over a decade. And with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, you can rest-assured, he knows his shit!

So if you want epic rants, evidence-based nutrition information, and scathing critiques of nutritional bullshit, then Layne is your man.


7. Luke Tulloch (@_luketulloch)

Luke Tulloch might not be someone you’ve heard of. But I suggest you change that ASAP.

In Luke’s own words he says, “I aim to make health and fitness science easy to understand.”

And his Instagram account delivers.

Evidence-based, accessible, and practical information. What more could you want? Plus, he has a pretty cool podcast, so check that out as well.


8. Alan Flanagan (@thenutritional_advocate)

Alan Flanagan (aka The Nutritional Advocate) is one of the most intelligent people Instagram has to offer. In fact, he’s one of my go-to nutrition accounts when it comes to understanding various concepts and the research. Although, you may need a dictionary, there’s some big words being used here.

P.S. keep an eye out for Alan’s Instagram stories. This is where he posts the majority of his content.

P.P.S. Alan’s also been a guest on the podcast. Here’s the interview I recorded all about meal timing.



9. Gabrielle Fundaro (@vitaminphd)

Gut health is one of the hottest topics in nutrition. So it’s important to follow accounts you can trust. And @vitaminphd is one of those accounts.

Unlike the “Gut Health Gurus”, Gabrielle is a gut health educator who’s spent years in this field of research. So you can be sure she’ll provide you with facts, not a shameless vehicle to sell you a supplement or “leaky gut diet.”

Plus, she was a very entertaining and informative guest on the podcast, which is definitely worth a watch.


10. James Smith (@jamessmithpt)

No list of nutrition Instagram accounts would be complete without an appearance from Mr. James “Calorie Fucking Deficit” Smith. In his own unique way, he’s taken the world of nutrition by storm. Amassing a huge following by tackling mis-information and bullshit, head-on. His account has made nutrition simple, fun, and dare I say it…cool!

But be warned. If you’re not a fan of a little swearing (read A LOT of swearing) then you might want to give this account a wide berth.


11. Lauren Twigge (@thedairydietician)

Top 20 Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Accounts

Navigating your way through the many minefield of nutrition myths can be tough. None more so than those surrounding the subject of dairy. Is milk as unhealthy as “the documentary that shall not be named” claimed? Or is labels of “evil cow puss’ mere hyperbole from those with an axe to grind? Registered Dietician, Lauren Twigge provides the evidence-based answer you’re looking for on anything and everything relating to dairy.

If you need the science translating, myths busting, and a greater understanding of food and farming, this is an account you need to be following.


12. Megan Rossi (@theguthealthdoctor)

We’re stepping back into the world of poop. Because you can never have too much good information about gut health, right?

Dr. Megan Rossi is a practicing Dietician, Nutritionist, and author of the book, Eat Yourself Healthy’. With a passion for empowering you to take control of your health and happiness from the inside out, her account is full to the brim with evidence-based insights into gut health.

And if you needed more convincing, Megan is currently investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including pre and probiotics, dietary fibres, plant-based diversity, the low-FODMAP diet and food additives. So she’s at the forefront of the latest research.

With that resume, why would you listen to the Personal Trainer turned Gut Health Guru?


13. Shannon Beer (@shannonbeer_)

Shannon is a world-travelling fat loss and nutrition coach. Her Instagram posts breakdown research and provide practical advice you can implement in your daily life. Whether you’re struggling to control eating habits, looking to build muscle, or anything in between, Shannon’s probably got the answer.

Plus, as she’s constantly flying around the world, you can get top tips for staying on track while you’re in a new country. Perfect if you’re worried about eating healthily while abroad.


14. Miguel Blacutt (@mblacutt)

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Miguel is an untapped goldmine of information. His infographics take complex topics and summarise the salient points without unnecessary fluff and hyperbole. A true treasure-trove of evidence-based nutrition. And mark my words, Miguel is destined for big things in the industry. The guy has an insane work-ethic.

So you heard it here first!


15. The Food Science Babe (@foodsciencebabe)

Nutrition science can be a complicated subject. And many people aim to scare you into believing their dogmatic views. Often twisting and cherry-picking research to weaponise it for their own gain.

But the Food Science Babe is here to stop this nutritional fuckery in its tracks. As a Chemical Engineer and Food Scientist, Erin clears up myths and brings you nutritional facts, based on science. So whether you’re fearful of GMO, unsure about dairy, or worried about toxins, this is the evidence-based nutrition account you need in your life.


16. Jayne O’Toole (@jayne_realnutrition)

MNU Certified Nutritionist, Jayne O’Toole is a hidden gem of Instagram. Regularly posting factual, informative, and motivational posts, guaranteed to help you on your fitness journey. Jayne’s honest approach is truly refreshing in a world of fakery and highlight reels. So hit the follow button for evidence-based nutrition information brought to you by someone genuinely relatable.

And here’s Jayne and I talking about mindfulness and how it can support you in a weight loss context.


17. Melissa Davis (@regressive_underload)

Top 20 Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Accounts Mel Davis

Dr Melissa Davis has PhD in Neuroscience PhD, a Black Belt. in jiu jitsu, and is consultant at renaissanceperiodization.com.

Not only does she have an impressive resume, she has an Instagram account that’s a treasure trove of useful information. With specialties in habits and behaviour change, you’ll discover practical tips and strategies for making sustainable progress. And for an insight into Mel’s approach to forming good habits and achieving long-lasting results, watch the interview I recorded with her in the video below.



18. Physiqonomics (@physiqonomics)

Aadam (not sure of his surname) has one of the best accounts on Instagram. He doesn’t post as frequently as others on the list. But the term ‘quality is more important than quantity’ was made for this man.

Each post is a funny, well-crafted, beautifully illustrated piece of art. Added to that, the man writes in a way that does anything but suck. So if you like your nutrition advice delivered in a unique, humorous way, this is the account for you.


19. Graeme Tomlinson (@thefitnesschef_)

Every account on Instagram has probably reposted (or ripped off) several of Graeme’s posts. And it’s not hard to see why. Graeme busts nutrition myths in a simple, yet incredibly effective way. Often, it only takes one look at his posts to have a lightbulb moment.

Follow this Instagram account if you want to improve your relationship with food and start seeing through the lies and deception of many other Instagram accounts.


20. James Clear (@james_clear)

This one is a bit out of left field. Because it’s not strictly a nutrition account.

James Clear is the author of the book, ‘Atomic Habits’, which (as the name suggests) provides a practical methodology for breaking bad habits and forming good ones. So why has this made it to the list of evidence-based nutrition Instagram accounts?

Information about what and how much to eat is one thing, but long-lasting change is built through day-to-day habits. So if you want your results to stick, you need to focus on your behaviours. And there’s no better place to start than with James Clear.

In fact, the processes within Atomic Habits are so effective, they’re what I use with my online coaching clients. So don’t overlook this account.



What To Look For In An Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Account

The term “evidence-based” seems to have become its very own buzzword. Once a marker of honest information, now it’s often hijacked by those who are anything but evidence-based. So knowing who to follow can be a minefield.

To help, here’s a few things to look out for when deciding who, and who not, to follow on Instagram:

  • Do their views align with other evidence-based accounts, ie the 20 on this list?
  • Are they exclusively promoting a specific diet, protocol, or supplement?
  • Do they put out a consistent message, or do they jump on the latest bandwagon?
  • Have they got some form of noteworthy education?
  • Are they a dick?

Ask yourself those questions when you come across an account. If they seem out of sync with the rest of the evidence-based community, they’re probably a moron.


The Bottom Line On The Best Evidence-Based Nutrition Instagram Accounts

Finding good quality evidence-based nutrition information on Instagram can be tough. But if you start with the 20 accounts in this list, you’re guaranteed to get all the nutrition information you’ll ever need to achieve the body you’ve been striving for.


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