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Lose fat, build muscle, and live a leaner, healthier life for good.

Here’s how we can work together so you can start living the LEAN LIFE

Personal connection and 1:1 support.

Continued progress towards your goals.

Motivation when you need it most.

Remove the complexity, confusion, and frustration. Start getting results.

Everything made simple

Whatever your fitness goals, you’ll get there faster than ever with a uniquely tailored programme that strips away the complexity and leaves you to focus on what truly matters.

With The Lean Life Method, you’ll learn a simple, stress-free way to lose fat, build muscle, and feel more confident and healthy than ever before.

If you've tried and failed in the past, it's not your fault.

The health and fitness industry has failed you

Wild nutrition claims are nothing new. For decades, humans have sought an elixir guaranteed to cure ageing, melt body fat, and help us achieve society's paradigm of beauty.

So we sip the potions, pop the pills, and part with hard-earned cash at the merest mention of faster results. 

Our favourite celebrities reveal the secret behind their success. In eagerness and desperation, we hang on their every word and whistle their tune.

But soon, the reality of their "secret" hits us square in the face—calorie intake that borders on starvation, and enough restriction to trigger an eating disorder. 

But who cares?

Not them. They sold a few diet plans, made a DVD, and flogged a boat-load of supplements.

Every few years, a new fad worms its way into the dieting vernacular. Often in the form of an innovative rebrand of a well-known, basic concept.

Skipping a meal becomes 'intermittent fasting'. Living an active life and healthy eating becomes a 'hormone reset'. And eating like our ancestors, who died before they were thirty, becomes 'the carnivore diet'.

Litter the marketing with a few cherry-picked research references, and it starts to sound convincing. Shove a doctor into the limelight, who's speciality is more likely to be in marine animal ecotoxicology, than nutrition, and hey presto! Nutrition fuckery is born.

"But Dr. Smo doesn't have any qualifications in nutrition, Sir."

"Pah! Who needs qualifications? Do they have a blue tick on Instagram?"

"Well, yeah. But..."

"Good enough for me. Sign them up. And tell them to start writing a book."

It seems as though nutritional bullshit is spreading faster than venereal disease through a Magaluf holiday resort.

How about you and I put a stop to it all?

At Iron Paradise Fitness, we do things differently. Let me show how how you can live a leaner, healthier life without the restriction and misery you've become accustomed to.

Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness

"I had dreaded turning 30 but I can honestly say that thanks to Simon I look better than I did in my 20s. I get so many compliments from people."* Hannah

Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Transformation

"The programme exceeded all my expectations and Simon was there to guide me every step of the way. He didn't just coach me. He taught me so much about nutrition."* Jacques

Save time and maximise your efforts for a life-long transformation

Why choose Iron Paradise Fitness?

Too many coaches are scared to keep things simple. So they bamboozle with new workouts every week, and force you to buy worthless supplements, and follow myriad diet hacks. Using The Lean Life Method, you and I will keep things simple. Here's how.

Workouts you love

It's hard to know what to do in the gym and if you're doing it right.

Let me build you a training programme that's guaranteed to bring you the best results—no more guesswork.

Whether you're training at home or in the gym, I've got you covered.

Fad-free nutrition

You don't need to sacrifice your social life, and the foods you love to lose weight. 

I'll give you nutrition recommendations that suit your lifestyle. Dieting will feel more effortless than ever.

Oh, and I'll never force you to follow a diet that's not right for you.

Bulletproof Mindset

The psychological aspect of health and fitness is important to get right.

With my personal support, guidance, and coaching, you will avoid self-doubt and build more self-confidence.

With mind and body on the right track, the path to the Lean Life is clear.

Join the family. Start living the LEAN LIFE

Let's make knowing what, when, and how much to eat, simple.

Results without restriction

Restrictive diets and misinformation has left you doubting what works. I'll remove the confusion and create a customised nutrition programme to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, based on facts not fads.

I'll delve deep into your lifestyle, the foods you love, and the results you want to achieve. Then, I'll calculate your calories, macros, and determine the best nutrition approach to help balance achieving your goals with the enjoyment of life.

Basically, I'll show you how to achieve the body of your dreams without avoiding wine and pizza, or killing your social life in the process.

All the tools for dieting success

After years of coaching people to achieve amazing body transformations, I've developed a suite of tools to help you achieve dieting success.

Access to a weekly calorie planning tool, taking the headache out of eating the foods you love.

2 example one-day meal plans, showing you how to hit your targets without over-restriction.

The Iron Paradise Fitness 'Meal Plan Creator'. Helping you plan delicious and exciting meals.

No more boring meal prep with 14 professional recipe books

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Recipe Books

Access to 14 Lean Life Recipe Books and a database of over 600 calorie and macro-calculated recipe ideas.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Recipe Books

Each Recipe Book contains over 30 meal ideas, all of which can be scanned directly into MyFitnessPal.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Recipe Books

Recipes contain full instructions and macro breakdowns, making flexible dieting easier than ever before.

Eat at your favourite restaurants with confidence.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Restaurant Guides

You'll never have to avoid those social situations again with access to 46 restaurant guides.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Restaurant Guides

All menu items are calorie and macro-calculated, and colour coded for easy planning.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Restaurant Guides

Restaurants include, Nandos, Five Guys, Yo Sushi, GBK, Pizza Hut, Pret, and many more.

Online Fitness Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Restaurant Guides

And they're yours for life, regardless of how long you stay on the coaching programme.

I'm not going to tell you what to eat for the rest of your life. I'll empower you with knowledge so you can master your own nutrition.

Iron Paradise Fitness Fat Loss Online Coaching

"The results have made me feel great. Never have felt better. I do feel like I learned a lot about proper training and nutrition that will be useful in the long run."*


Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness

"Thank you so much for everything! You have helped me achieve things I've struggled for years with. And I got there in a matter of months."*


Jey Transformation Iron Paradise Fitness

"Working with Simon is one of the best decision I've ever made... I've dropped more than 20 lbs of fat and gained muscle in the process."*


Personalised training that makes the most of your effort.

Workouts designed to fit you.

Without a well-designed training programme, you could be putting a lot of time and effort into workouts that deliver mediocre results. That's why I'll create you a custom programme to maximise your efforts.

Personalised, time-efficient gym or home-based training programme designed to help you achieve results with workouts lasting less than 60 minutes.

Access your training and nutrition programme in one place. And with MyFitnessPal & FitBit integrations, getting in shape is easier than ever.

Full guidance and instruction through in-app videos and personal form analysis, so you can be confident none of your effort is going to waste.

With a personalised training programme, every minute of the time you spend training is a step closer to your goal.

Online Coaching Simon Mitchell Iron Paradise Fitness

Everything you need in one place.

iphone app

With full access to the Iron Paradise Fitness app, you'll have everything at your fingertips in an easy to use, simple format that takes the stress out of following a programme.

Your workouts will be fully laid out, with clear instructions, so you feel confident every time you're ready to train.

And with videos for every exercise, you can be confident and safe at all times. It's like having me in your pocket for every training session.

Not only that, the app stores a whole host of other important pieces of information about your training to make tracking your progress to the Lean Life more simple than ever before.

Remove the confusion of sets, reps, and what exercises to choose. I'll take care of everything to ensure you're always making progress.

What people are saying


Laura lost 6kg in 3 months in preparation for here wedding.*


"I look better now than I ever did in my 20s."*

I don't want you to rely on me forever.

Knowledge is power.

My mission is to empower you with the knowledge to live a leaner, healthier life for years to come. 

Access to The Lean Life Uni. Learn everything you need to know to go it alone.

8 online courses designed to accelerate your knowledge and increase your confidence.

Simple, honest, personalised answers, whenever you need help.

With a personalised training programme, every minute of the time you spend training is a step closer to your goal.

Empowering you to keep living the LEAN LIFE.

Access the Lean Life Uni from anywhere, at anytime. Here's a glimpse at some of the courses on offer.

The foundations of evidence-based nutrition

Fat loss, muscle gain and everything in between

Whether you want to learn the basics or delve into the detail, this 10 Module, 71 lesson evidence-based nutrition course is the last nutrition resource you'll ever need.

Ditch the fad diets, worthless supplements, confusion, and frustration and start learning the truth.

Lean Life Uni Nutrition Course

Set better goals. Achieve amazing results.

Guided Goal-Setting For Success

This course is a guided walkthrough of how to set realistic, meaningful, impactful goals, and the foundations of how to achieve them.

During the on-boarding process, we'll delve deep into your motivations for change, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and importantly, where I can best help you as a coach.

The Lean Life starts here.

Change your habits. Change your behaviours.

Break bad habits and form good ones

Establishing good habits and breaking bad ones is crucial for long-term change. 

Learn the fundamentals of nutrition and lifestyle in an easy-to-follow 12-week course that will enable you to sustain your results for years to come, without the need for calorie tracking.

Lean Life Uni Habit Course

Ditch those tracking apps for good.

Break-free from tracking for good

Tracking calories is a great tool for achieving your goals, but you don't want to do it forever.

This 9 part course will help you transition away from tracking and escape the calorie-tracking prison.

Lean Life Uni Transition Away From Tracking

Develop a healthy relationship with food.

Become a master of mindful eating

Mindful Eating is a powerful tool that, when mastered, enables you to enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilt, shame, and a loss of control.

This 7 part course will take you from Mindless Novice to Mindful Master.

The Lean Life Uni makes this one of the most comprehensive 121 coaching programmes you'll experience.

Client success stories

Online Coaching iron Paradise Fitness

"Thank you, honestly it's been a great 6 months being coached by you. You’re amazing! Just remember that what you do does help change someone's life FOREVER."*


Iron Paradise Fitness Fat Loss Online Coaching

"I used to be a slave to the cardio without much pay off— thanks to this program I’m spending no time on the treadmill and getting way bigger results! Thanks Simon."*


Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness Transformation

"Having the app at your finger tips makes everything so simple. Demo videos, messaging service, stats, and progress tracker all help keep you on track."*


Online Fitness Coaching

What's my investment?

How much precious time are you spending trying to figure out what's right, instead of making progress?

Are you sick and tired are you of never seeing the results your hard effort deserves?

How much stress and frustration is your lack of progress adding to your life?

A lack of clarity might be holding you back from living the leaner, healthier life you deserve.



*Nutrition coaching includes everything described on this page, except custom training programmes.

Online Fitness Coaching

A reminder of what you get.

  • Personalised Training Programme w/ Full App Access
  • Full Nutrition Recommendations and 2 Sample Meal Plans
  • 14 Recipe Books And 40+ Restaurant Guides
  • Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • Weekly Check In Via Personalised Video
  • Coaching Support Via Email And In-App Messaging
  • Access To The Lean Life Uni Education Platform 
Chris Online Transformation Iron Paradise Fitness Online Coaching

Client Case Study - Chris

"I have never felt better in my life. I move better, have less joint/back pain, and I am appreciating how my body is changing visually when I look in the mirror."*

Client Case Study - Jey

Jey lost over 20 lbs in a targeted fat loss phase, followed by a successful period of maintenance before transitioning to specific phase of building muscle..*

* Specific results mentioned on this website should be considered extraordinary and there are no “typical” results. As individuals differ, then results will differ.