June 11, 2020

Are SkinnyJab Injections A Safe Weight Loss Solution?

by ironparadisefitness

Are SkinnyJab Injections A Safe Weight Loss Solution?

Z-list celebrities promoting supposed weight loss wonder products is nothing new (just think back to the ‘Cyanora’ debacle). But are SkinnyJab injections something different? Or just another over-hyped fat loss fix?

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed your social media feed light up with talk of SkinnyJab injections, promoted by TOWIE’s Gemma Collins (who I confess to have never heard of… #sorrynotsorry) and former Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona. Both ladies attribute their weight loss success to SkinnyJab injections. So why the furore? What does SkinnyJab do? Are the injections safe? And should you consider investing in them?

Time to answer those questions.

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What Does SkinnyJab Do?

SkinnyJab Injections Iron Paradise Fitness

First, let’s take a look at the company’s website. But before that, I should make it clear that there are several other companies retailing the same drug. However, SkinnyJab seems to be the brand rising to the surface of this debate. Largely due to the provocative name and the company’s marketing team choosing the “right”, desperately-in-need-of-cash celebrities at the forefront of promotions.

SkinnyJab is a simple concept. Inject yourself either daily or weekly (depending on dose) over a 4 week period, in line with recommendations. Then sit back and watch your weight plummet like never before as the jabs work their magic by, “Removing hunger from the equation.” And with reduced hunger and appetite, the fat simply melts away.

Well, that’s the claim. What about the reality? Is this all too good to be true?


What’s In A SkinnyJab Injection?

SkinnyJab Injections Iron Paradise Fitness

You might be wondering what’s in a SkinnyJab injection. Great question. If you’re going to start jabbing yourself with random products you buy online, you owe it to yourself to do at least a modicum of due diligence. After all, you want to know what drugs you’re putting in your body, right?

SkinnyJab injections contain Liraglutide, which also goes by the brand name, ‘Victoza’. Originally developed to help patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Saxenda, a higher dose version of the drug is used in private practice in the UK for the purpose of weight management in obese patients.

How Does Liraglutide/SkinnyJab Work?

Well, the ‘See Spot Run’ version goes something like this…

Patients with Type 2 Diabetes are at greater risk of becoming hyperglycaemic, with an inability to regulate blood sugar levels. The drug contained in SkinnyJab helps control blood sugar levels, supporting the overall health of the patient. The lower dose product, ‘Victoza’, is typically used in this scenario. The higher dose, Saxenda, is used with obesity patients in relation to weight and hunger management.


Should You Consider Buying SkinnyJab?

SkinnyJab Injections Iron Paradise Fitness

Should you be using SkinnyJab for weight loss?

Firstly, I’m not a medical professional and can’t comment on whether specific drugs should be used in your unique circumstances (and neither should Z-list celebrities). There are however, some basic facts you might want to consider.

NICE guidelines state that the drug should only be used for treatment of people with certain conditions. These being:

  1. BMI > 30 (considered obese)
  2. BMI 25-30 as well as a weight-related condition, ie Type 2 Diabetes.

So if you don’t match those criteria, arguably you should not be contemplating SkinnyJab injections (unless a medical professional instructs you otherwise).

In relation to these directives, the SkinnyJab website states that you will receive an assessment to confirm suitability and that you need to have a BMI > 25. Although, there’s no specific mention of needing to present with additional weight-related conditions.


Is It Even Legal?

I’m no lawyer, but one would assume SkinnyJab injections comply with the laws of the land. Either that or the world of weight loss products has descended into an unregulated free-for-all. Let’s hope it’s not the latter! Although, given the wide array of suspect products already on the market, who knows?

It’s also worth noting that ‘Prescription Only Medication’ (POM) cannot be advertised to the public. This has resulted in beauty salons being forced to withdraw adverts for SkinnyJab injections.


The Bigger Issue

A bigger question is whether or not SkinnyJab injections are safe. The answer? We simply don’t know.

In 2017, a review of available evidence highlights that side effects such as nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, and stomach pain could be experienced in the early stages of use. As for the longer term implications, “Additional studies are needed to determine its long-term efficacy and safety profile.”

At a cost of £250-£500 for a 4 week course, it certainly begs the question of whether the risks outweigh the benefits.

If you’re obese and/or suffering with Type 2 Diabetes, your GP may believe it is. The key decision resting on balancing benefits and risk with the well-being of the patient at the forefront of the process.


The Bottom Line On SkinnyJab Injections

Outside of the context of medical treatment, many will see SkinnyJab injections as a quick fix. A shortcut that bypasses the fundamental foundations of sustainable weight loss.

Changing your lifestyle, increasing activity, forming good habits, and using mindful eating may be abandoned in favour of a few jabs to the stomach. But where’s the sustainability in that? Is SkinnyJab merely creating a cycle of: Jab, jab, jab > Weight loss > Regain weight > Jab, jab, jab > Weight loss… Repeat.

Shortcuts are rarely a fast-track to success. More often than not, they temporarily paste over the cracks of the real issue(s) that needs addressing.

Liraglutide and SkinnyJab seem like short-term solutions at best. At some point calorie management and fostering a healthy relationship with food, needs to be part of the equation. Endorsements from washed up celebrities may make this product appealing. However, it’s unlikely to be the long-term solution you hope for.



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