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Motivation to Workout

Motivation to Workout: It's Time To Take Action

Do you lack the motivation to workout?  And when it comes to prepping meals do you lack the desire to get your ass in the kitchen?  Are you sitting there waiting for motivation to hit you?

If that opening headline described you, then I'm sure you know all too well that the motivation to workout or prep meals rarely materialises out of thin air.

Motivation to Workout

How many times have you sat on the sofa saying to yourself,

"I'll just watch the end of this and THEN I'll go to the gym."

Or maybe it's something like,

"I'm just not in the mood to cook.  I don't feel like it today.  I'll get up and do it first thing in the morning."

Deep down in your heart of hearts you know you're just kidding yourself.  The end of that TV show will come and you won't budge an inch from that warm and comfortable sofa.

And as for the cooking, well tomorrow comes but the meals you promised yourself you'd cook never materialise.

But so what?  One day off from the gym is fine isn't it?  You even tell yourself it'll do you some good.  And you can always pick something up from work for lunch, so no great shakes there either.

Well, the reality isn't that simple.  That afternoon spent whiling away a few hours ploughing through the box sets on Amazon Prime isn't an isolated incident is it?  And I bet you've skipped that meal prep more than once before.

Where does this all lead?

Ultimately, it leads to you going off track and, in some cases, it leads to you never even getting off the starting blocks.  You've false started and got yourself thrown out of the race before the gun sounds.

Those visions you have of that ripped and toned beach body seem a distant dream now.

What's the root cause?

The root cause of the problem is that you think Motivation = Action.  You believe that a wave of motivation to workout is going to hit you like a Tsunami, washing all those good vibes over you And making you spring into life and start chasing those goals.

The principle of motivation leading to action is flawed. And in this article I'll tell you why and what you can do about it to put yourself into a different mindset.  You'll be moving forward with a new level of motivation to workout that you didn't think was in you.

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Which Diet is Best for Weight Loss IIFYM Clean Eating Blog Pic

Which Diet Is Best For Weight Loss: IIFYM or Clean Eating?

New theories about how to lose weight are thrown at you on a daily basis. But which diet is best for weight loss? Let's look at two of the most popular and answer that question.

There are two main diet approaches that have amassed popularity in the fitness industry in recent years.  And unless you're completely new to fitness, I'm guessing you've heard of them. IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros to give it its full name, is one, and Clean Eating is the other. But which diet is best for weight loss?

which diet is best for weight loss IIFYM or Clean Eating

IIFYM and Clean Eating have been doing the rounds heavily over the last few years. And if you don't believe me or aren't sure what I'm talking about, do one thing for me.

First off, load up your Instagram feed right now. Because I'm willing to bet you won't find it too hard to find pictures guys singing the praises of IIFYM. They're easy to spot. You know the ones. Ripped guys nailing 12 doughnuts at a time while simultaneously mainlining Big Macs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Likewise, you'll also find pictures of leafy green salads, seeds, and boiled chicken. And the text accompanying those pictures will tell you that all junk food is bad. And unless a food is 100% natural then it's a poison that's going to destroy your body.

So that might be a bit of an exaggeration on both fronts, but it's representative of the hyperbole that surrounds this whole debate.

And it seems to be that you're either in one camp, or the other.  There's no allowance for a grey area.

So where does that leave you?

I'm guessing the word confused sums things up, am I right? Because you're left wondering which camp is right, and which is wrong.  Is it the doughnut loving jacked dude, or the veggie loving anti-KFC guy? Ultimately, you want to know which diet is best for weight loss and achieving your goals. But you're not getting the answer to that question.

Well this week's article is going to give you the answer once and for all. So read on and find out which diet is best for weight loss.

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