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Ultimate Bodyweight Workout Article Cover Iron Paradise Fitness

Ultimate Bodyweight Workout

The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Today With Zero Equipment.

Can't make it to the gym? No problem. This bodyweight workout has everything you need to build a great body. And there's not a dumbbell or barbell in sight...

Not everyone can make it to the gym. I get it. Whether it's the pressures of family life, work life, or otherwise, sometimes it's just not an option. So a bodyweight workout can be the next best thing.

But it's difficult to know what to do, right?

Well, in this article you're getting a whole host of great exercises you can pull together for a great bodyweight workout. And you can adjust everything to sort your experience and skill level.

So dive right in and start creating your own killer workout.

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#THEDAILYGRIND EPISODE 1: 5 Tips For A One Way Ticket To Success In 2017

If that New Year's Resolution is going to stick you better start doing something different.

It's New Year's Resolution time and millions of people all over the world are making promises to themselves to lose weight, tone up, work harder, be less of a moody f**cker in the office (that might well be one of mine).  But in the haze of the New Year hangover are these realistic goals or just a whole bunch of pipe dreams and wishful thinking?

How can you turn these pipe dreams into reality?  How can you make sure you shed that Xmas weight and finally get into shape?

You want to one of the 8% minority that are alleged to complete their resolutions each year.  The misery of being in the loser camp with the other 92% just doesn't leave a good taste in your mouth.

You're PUMPED.  You're COMMITTED.  It's the 1st of January and you're ready to go.

95% of people that I'm likely to speak to over the next 4-6 weeks will probably have the same goal.  LOSE WEIGHT AND GET TONED.

So if that's you, then this article is addressed directly at you.

Watch the YouTube video below to see me talk through everything and read through the rest of the blog for even more detail to help you out.

Let's dive in and give you those top tips...

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First World Problems & Getting After It In 2017

After a few days in New York / New Jersey I can truly attest that winter is well and truly here.

Walking around NYC in just a T-shirt and a fairly thing coat was definitely one of the worst decisions I could've made.  Stepping out of Penn Station I should have been amazed by the sights in front of me.  Yet all I could think about was making a beeline for the nearest store where I could buy a decent jacket and gloves.

Now, I'm sure for the average New Yorker that wasn't a particularly cold day, but for me, it felt like deepest, darkest Siberia.

I felt like Luke in the Wampa ice cave.  Hands turning to ice blocks and low level numbness spreading throughout my body.  I would've given anything to curl up inside the warm belly of a Tauntaun even if they do smell bad on the inside.

Now that I'm back in the UK things are a little bit warmer, but those cold, dark mornings have set in and are now the norm.

If you're like me and train first thing in the morning, your daily routine starts 10 minutes earlier than normal to get the car warmed up, defrosted and ready to roll.  Sitting in the car waiting for the screen to clear you pray for your bones to stop shaking in their frame.

This is the true definition of dedication.  Finding the motivation to lifts weights in the gym when you'd much prefer to be curled up under your thick duvet with an extra hour on the alarm clock before you have to muster the effort to drag yourself out of bed and go to work.

It'd just be easier to train in the evening, surely?

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Forming Habits in Bitesize Chunks

It's Christmas Eve Eve (I'm using artistic license to claim that as a day).  It's 7:30am, it's dark and a bit of a ghost town as I look out of the window of the local coffee shop.

This has to be the calm before the storm.  Surely in a few hours time as the sun rises and the nation slowly gets to grips with the fact that there's just 48 hours to go until the big day, this place will come to life.

The car park will be filled to the brim with cars nested side by side like sardines in a tin.

Latecomers to the shopping centre will be on the hunt for that one available space out of thousands.  Like a Great White sensing a drop of blood in the ocean, they stalk shoppers loaded up with bags, trudging back to their cars to free themselves of the weight.

But are they leaving or are they heading back for round 2?  Whatever happens, one thing's for sure.  They're gonna need a bigger boat!

Not everyone's a morning person, but it certainly works f0r me.  I've definitely been the early bird catching the worm instead of a night Owl.  I find it the most productive time of the day.

Get the gym stuff out the way.  Get the adrenaline flowing and hit the day hard from the start and don't let up until it's time to hit the hay.

It's a habit that I've formed over the years.  And this is what I want to talk about in today's blog.

How to form positive habits to keep you progressing forward with your fitness goals each and every day...

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Motivation and the 14 Hour Grind

It's been a crazy last few days.  I literally don't know what time of day, or even day of the week it is most of the time.  My phone battery is pretty much worn out by lunch time with me continually checking the time and date to get my brain back on track.  

Honestly, I thought it was Saturday today!

It would be nice to say that I've been spending that time being rushed off my feet with all things Christmas related, but that's not a luxury I've afforded myself this year.  Sunday still seems like a million miles away for me right now.

So, what's been occupying my time?

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Accountability: The Silver Bullet for Success

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Take a look at your Facebook timeline right now.  What do you see?

If it's anything like mine, you'll see a host of adverts claiming they have the next miracle supplement for six pack abs, or a revolutionary training programme that builds muscle in days, or maybe they have the inside secret you need to know right now.

What's your first thought when you see these adverts?  Skeptical?  Good.  You should be.

The lure of these adverts is strong.  Playing on your desire to achieve your dream body transformation as quickly as possible and without all that hard work and graft.  I get it and I've even been there myself.  In the past I've been guilty of buying the latest fat burner supplement in the hope I can short-cut the process and see those results that bit quicker, without facing the reality that maybe I just need to stop eating a box of Krispy Cremes every Friday.

But there is a 'secret' to achieving your goals in the shortest possible timeframe.  It's not 'sexy' enough to make it into mainstream magazines and it's probably not considered 'manly' enough to be talked about in between sets of 200kg squats.  But it could be the deal breaker for you.

If you're finding it a struggle to stick to your training and nutrition plan, or you're feeling like every day is a HUGE challenge and uphill battle, then this article is for you.

This article is going to uncover the unspoken secret of ACCOUNTABILITY and show you how you can use it to guarantee results.

It's time to load the gun with your silver bullet...

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The Importance of Planning: Goal Setting for Success

The Importance of Planning:  Goal Setting for Success

It's Saturday night and while the majority of the world is enjoying the Olympics on the TV, I'm stuck in the kitchen.

That's right, it's meal prep night. That twice weekly ritual of preparing lunches, dinners and snacks for the days and weeks ahead that I actually believe is the cornerstone of my success. I'm sure we'd all love to be Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson and have someone freshly prepare the day's meals and deliver them to your desk at work. Sadly, the reality for most of us is very different and many of you reading this blog will no doubt be in the same boat as me. Whether it's grilling chicken, steaming broccoli, or creating a fabulously nutritious meal for the days ahead, we all have one thing in common.

We're planners.

And that's what I want to cover in this article.

I want to share with you the importance of goal setting and planning, and how you can make changes to your daily habits that will put you on the right path to success. Whether you're a fitness beginner or an advanced bodybuilder, there are always improvements that can be made, and this blog will contain some actionable information that you can put into practice, right now.

Let's get started...

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