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How Much Should I Weigh? Finding Your Ideal Weight

At One Time Or Another You May Have Wondered, "How Much Should I Weigh?" But Does The Notion Of An Ideal Weight Even Exist?

You're reading this because you're making every effort to lose weight. To shift a few of the extra pounds you've gained in recent years. "...but how much should I weigh?" "What's my ideal weight for my age and height?" These are the questions rattling around in your head. Some say to use Body Mass Index (BMI). Others, believe it's worthless, and you might as well pluck a number from your ass.

But who's right?

The journey to losing weight already feels a task of epic proportions, with more challenges-obstacles-barriers-and-battles than Frodo's meander across Middle-Earth. Quite frankly, you could do without step one being such a mind-fuck, right?

And that's where this article comes in. Because you're about to discover the truth about your ideal weight. "How much should I Weigh?" will be a question you'll never ask again.

So stick with me for the next 10 minutes and this is what you'll discover:

  • Why living in the extremes is never a good idea. And why aiming for a more ideal weight is a positive step forward.
  • The reasons why, giving your ideal weight the middle-finger, might be the best thing you ever do.
  • How to use weight milestones on your way to your ideal weight.
  • Why you might be better aiming for ideal health, not an ideal weight.
  • The importance of realising your ideal weight is not a number.

If that sounds like it could be the answer to all your questions, then scroll on and let us burn fat, faster than the fires of Mordor.

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