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#THEDAILYGRIND 005: The Best Shoe For The Gym

Progress is made one step at a time, but you can make the journey shorter with the right shoes.

Those brand new Nike trainers have still got that new shoe smell as you walk into the gym, but are they actually stalling your progress?

You’re in the gym dressed head to toe in the latest kit.  Santa was good to you and you’ve got a brand new pair of high-end trainers to strap on to your feet as you strut into the gym for the first day back after the holidays.  You walk around the gym floor, chest puffed out like McGregor on fight night and you’re ready to start lifting.

But are those shiny new boots holding you back from your progress?  Are they in fact the antithesis of what you need to achieve your fitness goals?

Buying the right gym shoe can be quite a confusing process and more so than it probably should be.  The last time I went to by some trainers it felt like there was a pair of shoes for every possible step I might take in life.  Shoes for running, shoes for crossfit, shoes for boxing, shoes for wrestling, shoes for weightlifting, shoes for brushing your teeth, and shoes for wiping your ass.  Well, maybe not the last two, but you get what I mean…

And the complexity doesn’t just end there.  It gets worse!!!

Once you’ve picked a type of shoe, there’s a plethora of sub-types to choose from.  How is the average person, particularly a beginner expected to find their way through the minefield.

So in this article, I’m going to give you an insight into what has worked for me.  If it works for me, there’s no reason it can’t work for you.

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