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How to get back on track after Christmas and the Ultimate Body Weight Workout

Hands up if you over indulged this Christmas. Was it just 1 day? 3 days? More???

And with the main indulgences on the holiday period behind you, did you spring out of bed this morning, eager to smash out a post-Christmas chest workout (because let’s face it everyone is going to be doing chest the first day back)?

Did you wake up and leap out from under the covers with the breathless anticipation of the day ahead?

Did the thought and excitement of getting back to your regular gym and eating regime just become all too much and have you almost at bursting point?

I can imagine it was like that Christmas Day feeling when you were 10 years old.  Never really going to sleep properly on Christmas Eve and waking up a 4am, rushing into your parents’ room and proceeding to jump on their bed until they caved in an begrudgingly trudge downstairs with you.

But instead of rushing downstairs to open presents, you’re making a beeline for your gym bag.  You throw on your brand new threads that Santa brought you, mix up a bit of pre-workout, grab a protein shake for after your workout and off you go.

Or is that all just wishful thinking?

After a few days of over indulgence with the family, do you really feel like getting back to the old routine?  Doesn’t a another lie in and a day of eating some more good food sound like a much better deal?

Exercising your way out of a food coma isn’t the most appealing of propositions.  After all, the new diet starts in the New Year right?  So you’ve got at least another 5 days or so to work on that food baby that’s growing inside of you.

Visualising yourself as a slightly fatter, slightly hungover version of yourself sweating out that turkey dinner and copious amounts of mince pies is the last straw.  You turn over, curl up under your nice warm duvet, like a hibernating bear and steal a few more hours of shut eye before you have to face the world again.

So how do you get back on track after all that over indulgence of the last week?

How do you motivate yourself to get back into the routine?

How do you avoid the temptations that are still littered throughout the house?

How do you start making good food choices again when the fridge is seemingly bursting with treats?

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