January 1, 2017

#THEDAILYGRIND EPISODE 1: 5 Tips For A One Way Ticket To Success In 2017

by ironparadisefitness

If that New Year’s Resolution is going to stick you better start doing something different.

It’s New Year’s Resolution time and millions of people all over the world are making promises to themselves to lose weight, tone up, work harder, be less of a moody f**cker in the office (that might well be one of mine).  But in the haze of the New Year hangover are these realistic goals or just a whole bunch of pipe dreams and wishful thinking?

How can you turn these pipe dreams into reality?  How can you make sure you shed that Xmas weight and finally get into shape?

You want to one of the 8% minority that are alleged to complete their resolutions each year.  The misery of being in the loser camp with the other 92% just doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth.

You’re PUMPED.  You’re COMMITTED.  It’s the 1st of January and you’re ready to go.

95% of people that I’m likely to speak to over the next 4-6 weeks will probably have the same goal.  LOSE WEIGHT AND GET TONED.

So if that’s you, then this article is addressed directly at you.

Watch the YouTube video below to see me talk through everything and read through the rest of the blog for even more detail to help you out.

Let’s dive in and give you those top tips…


#1.  Set a realistic goal

Telling yourself that you’re going to shed 20kg in 4 weeks, or win a physique competition by the end of the year when you’ve never lifted a weight is not the way to ensure success.  It might sound good, but it’s really never going to happen.  If you’re losing around 1kg a week then you’ll be doing pretty damn well.  So stick with that as a yard stick and go from there.

Another tip would be to use the S.M.A.R.T approach (which is something I use for my coaching clients.  Specific. Measurable. Achievable.  Realistic. Timebound.  Incorporate those principles in your goal and you’ll have passed step one of actually getting there.

An example of a good goal would be: “Reduce body fat from 12% to 8% within the next 12 weeks.”  It’s very specific and can be easily measured.  It’s definitely achievable, realistic and set within the timeframe.

#2.  Make a plan

You need to make a solid plan that is going to get you from A to B.  You don’t want to be sat on the sofa in the early hours of New’s Year Day wondering where the hell you’re gonna start with this whole fitness thing.  The best advice I can give you here is based on what my own experiences have taught me.  And this is as applicable in all walks of life as it is in fitness.

Break down your goal into smaller stepping stones.  It’s about consistent progress, not giant leaps.

If you have a goal that’s going to take 12 months, break it down in to what you can achieve this month, then this week, then today, and then right now.

This will help you get your head around that big target you’ve put in front of you.  And by breaking it down, it’s now a goal that you can really take some action on.

Which brings me on to point 3.

#3.  Execute. Execute. Execute

The main takeaway here is that you just need to start getting sh*t done!  You have a goal.  You have a plan.  Now you just need to go out there and do it.

I approach my goals with the philosophy ‘REMOVE THE EXCUSE’.  I look at the challenge that’s in front of me and then try to think about all the barriers that could be put in my way.  Once I’ve got those in mind, I think about what huge wrecking ball I can use to knock them into a million pieces.  And when I say wrecking ball, I don’t mean getting a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus to swing to the rescue.  No.  My solutions are far ore mundane and practical.

For example, when I did my first serious sub-8% body fat cut, I was concerned that I’d get derailed by not being able to stick to my meal plan.  I was worried about there not being enough variety in the meals and it would be too restrictive.  So, I simply created myself multiple meal plans.  I think I got up to 8 or 9 in the end covering training days, rest days, and refeed days.  All with different foods, so I never got bored.  It took time and effort upfront, but it went I could execute my plan every single day.

Do what you need to do and get it done!

#4.  Consistency over perfection

A common mistake I see with clients and also friends and family when it comes to New Year’s resolutions and goals in general, is the strive for perfection.

Perfection in most cases is the impossible dream.

There will always be something you could’ve done better.  You could’ve pushed out that extra rep on the bench press.  You could’ve resisted that second dollop of ice cream on cheat day.  You could’ve had a glass of water with dinner after that manic day at work, instead of sinking a few glasses of red.

But you’re human!  Remember that.  You’re a living, breathing thing with feelings and emotions, not C-3PO.

Sometimes life will get in the way of your goals and you need to realise that this is perfectly fine.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, roll with the punches and come back stronger tomorrow.  Hold firm to the plan for 85% of the time and great results will still be on the way.

#5.  Be prepared to do something different

The cold hard truth is that you’re probably going to have to do something different to achieve those goals.  Because let’s face it if you could get where you want to be by doing what you’ve always done, you’d already be there!

It’s time to set foot outside of that comfort zone you’ve been living in and do sh*t that makes you feel uncomfortable.  It’s going to be tough, challenging, but so worth it when you look back in 12 months time with a true sense of pride and achievement.

Get yourself in the mindset that you WILL succeed no matter what.  Keep working hard.  Keep grinding.  The success will come.


Put these ideas into practice and you’ll be make a powerful and positive step forward right from the start of the year.  I’d love to hear what you think of these tips and what strategies and plans you’ve got to crush your New Year resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone.

I’m off to execute my plan…

Keep working.  Keep progressing.  And keep up the #THEDAILYGRIND


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