June 22, 2020

Travel And Fitness: 4 Tips To Stay On Track While Abroad

by ironparadisefitness

If You’re Constantly Travelling And Struggling To Stay On Track, Here’s 4 Tips To Not Let Travel Destroy Your Fitness Goals

Travel and fitness might seem like an impossible partnership. Like chalk and cheese. Or bicep curls in the squat rack. They simply weren’t made to go together.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Whether for business or pleasure, you can still travel AND achieve your fitness goals.

In this article you’ll discover 4 practical solutions to prevent you losing your mind, the next time you travel abroad. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of establishing a morning routine.
  • How to adjust your calories to account for un-trackable meals.
  • What to plan ahead for, if and when you can.
  • How to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

So, if you want to travel the world and confidently stay on track with your fitness goals, read on.

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Travel And Fitness Tip 1: Morning Routine

Travel Fitness Iron Paradise Fitness

More often than not, you’ll have the most control over your morning routine. After that, who knows what lies in store?

Potentially, pulled from pillar to post. Ultimately, ending up in unfamiliar surroundings with very little control over food choices. But don’t let this uncertainty derail everything.

Aim to start the day in a positive and structured way.

Firstly, set your alarm so you wake up at a consistent time each day. The last thing you want is to be rushed and not have time to get done, what you had planned.

Next, MOVE! However big or small, do something fitness related. This might be as simple as a short walk in the vicinity of the hotel (or wherever you’re staying). Or it might be a swim, run, or full workout in the hotel gym. Work with what you have and make it your mission to move.

Lastly, consider fasting. Skipping breakfast offers no miracle fat loss benefits. But it can be a useful tool at your disposal. Dodging the breakfast buffet could bank you 500 calories, which you can put to better use later in the day. So grab a double espresso and be on your way.


Travel And Fitness Tip 2: Reduce Your Calories

Travel Fitness Iron Paradise Fitness

When you travel, fitness usually takes a back seat. This doesn’t mean you throw caution to the wind and ignore every aspect of your training. But your workouts are likely to be less intense and burn fewer calories. Added to that, your step count may also be reduced, depending on the nature of travel.

With this is mind, it makes sense to pull back on your calories. Although, this is often easier said than done. How do you know the calorie content of hotel and restaurant meals?

The answer is, you don’t. But here’s a few simple tips you can use to keep calories under control, without tracking.

  • Reduce portion sizes significantly.
  • Prioritise vegetables and lean protein sources to increase feelings of fullness.
  • Make lower calorie choices. For example, low carb or low fat.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully, with the aim of finishing when satisfied, not stuffed. Remember, you don’t have to clear your plate.

This aggressive reduction in calories allows more freedom and less anxiety when you’re facing meals that are “uncontrollable”.


Travel And Fitness Tip 3: Plan Ahead

Planning can help ease the anxiety of having to travel while trying to achieve a fitness goal.

How much planning you’re able to do depends on where you are and what’s available to you. Start by looking for gyms in the area that allow you to buy a day or a weekly pass. Having access to a good facility makes a quality training session more viable.

Hunt for a local supermarket and stock up on fruit, snacks, and possibly even a protein bar or two. These will be a godsend when you’re in unfamiliar territory and struggling to contain your hunger.

With your local surroundings surveyed with military precision, it’s time to plan for the ‘travel fitness nemesis’. The restaurant!

Thankfully, restaurants don’t have to a dieting nightmare. Many popular restaurants publish their menus and nutritional information online. So use this to your advantage. Scan the menu and make your choices before you arrive. You can also plan what, and how many, drinks you’ll have.

The only thing you need to do after that, is stick to the plan.


Travel And Fitness Tip 4: Prepare For Things To Go Off Track

You can never plan for every scenario and eventuality while traveling. And not sticking exactly to your training and nutrition programme is to be expected. So don’t beat yourself up when the inevitable happens.

Having said that, applying the previous three tips will help minimise any “damage”. For example, when plans change, flights get delayed, and the unexpected happens, a few strategically purchased protein bars might be just what you need.

But above all, don’t panic. You got this.

Consciously thinking about making better food choices and healthy decisions will serve you well. And when you’re back home, concentrate on getting back into your normal routine as quickly as possible. Any body fat you gain or loss in strength will be sort-lived, I promise.

In summary, don’t sweat it.


The Bottom Line On Successfully Combining Travel And Fitness

Trying to travel and stay on track with your fitness goals can feel daunting. But by planning and doing your best in the circumstances, you’re very likely to stay on track.

Whenever you start your fitness journey, you want to be perfect. You want scale weight to go down each day. And strength to increase with every workout. But it never turns out that way.

Not only are these unrealistic expectations, they fail to take into consideration, one important factor… LIFE!

Life happens and you need the tools and techniques to be able to deal with it. A meal plan is going to do you no good when you’re in a foreign country and have no means to cook your own food. So if you have to travel and you want to stay on track wit your fitness goals at the same time, use the tips in this article to your advantage.

Work with what you have and consciously make more healthful decisions. This will serve you better than losing your mind trying to track every unknown calorie.


Here’s What To Do Next If You Want More Help To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Online Coaching Iron Paradise Fitness

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