Which Diet Is Best For Me?

Lesson 5 Module 1

Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Vegan, Paleo, the list of diets seems endless. But is one better than the other? The simple answer is NO!

The principle of a calorie deficit applies to any diet. Fail to create a calorie deficit and it doesn't matter what diet you follow, you won't lose body fat.

What makes a diet method 'better' than another is whether or not it helps YOU achieve a calorie deficit. For example, Intermittent Fasting might help you manage hunger later in the day when you have strong urges to eat. Thereby, helping you achieve a calorie deficit.

The simplest way to get started might be to not follow ANY of these popular diets. Eating what you normally eat and applying calorie control is a perfectly acceptable place to start. Ultimately, don't overthink it, as no diet is inherently better than the other.